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01/04/2020 - 07:18

Top athletes during the pandemic

COVID-19 has put back a series of sports tournaments. However, thanks to the maintenance of the inspection and supervision regime for pandemic prevention and flexibility in the lesson plans, the top athletes in Hue are still actively training with great self-discipline and awareness.

The number of shuttlecock athletes training is fewer and keeps more distance than usual. Photo: HAN DANG

Absorbed in training

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, every day shuttlecock had more than 20 athletes training, but now the number of athletes per session is less than 10.

“In addition to spraying disinfectant at the training place, the section has proactively purchased face masks, antiseptic hand sanitizers for athletes, arranged flexible training schedule with small groups and focused on the athletes about to join in the tournaments in the year rather than having all the athletes trained all at once as before,” said Head of Shuttlecock Section Nguyen Van Hien A.

The training floors of Karatedo, wrestling and many other martial arts are also similar. Instead of training all at once, now the athletes that voluntarily train in groups of 3-4 people take turns to perform exercises according to the lesson plan by the coach, the remaining athletes are a certain distance apart rather than gathering in knots as before. However, although the atmosphere is not as exciting as before, the athletes do very   serious training. Even when their turn is over, many people seem to regret, want to train more.

“Since early this year, I and my teammates have "missed" joining in the championship of the national strong teams, while other championships are to be held in April, May and June: the beach national championship, National Phu Dong Sports Festival in Central Region, so I have to train harder to make up for the last days off. And it is not known whether the schedule of upcoming tournaments will be adjusted or not. However, without regular training, the top athletes like us cannot be in great form,” shared shuttlecock athlete Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh.

In addition to decline in form, Karatedo athlete Ho Thi Ha also said if not regularly trained, the athletes are easy to gain unintended weight. Except for weight gain with the regimen for competition in heavy weight categories, unintended weight gain greatly affects the ability to move, reflect, deliver a blow,” said Ha.

My Hanh (left) is absorbed in training at the National Sports Training Center I with an eye to earning the Tokyo Olympic Games slot. Photo: HANH MY

As regards the form and achievements, Nguyen Thi My Hanh of the Hue wrestling team, who is winning the national team cap and training at the National Sports Training Center I, said, “With the goal of earning the Tokyo Olympic Games slot, I strive for a medal in the qualifier in late March in Kazakhstan. Therefore, although beware of COVID-19, I have to train to be in good form and improve my achievements in the hope of attending this high-class sports festival."

Positive habits

In Karatedo, some parents initially wanted their children to stay home out of COVID-19 concern. However, after a short time, these parents have to admit that, counseled and supervised by the coaches, the awareness by their children of COVID-19 infection prevention is greater than at home.

"Currently, the athletes are very self-conscious and take full steps to prevent COVID-19," said Head of Hue Karatedo Section Le Van Loc.

“The teachers recommend us to be clean, tidy, to report when going out, and to wear face masks, wash hands with soap before and after eating, drinking, training, not to come to crowded places … At first, we felt a bit uncomfortable. However, for protecting the health of ourselves and the community, we quickly form a new habit in activities and training to ensure health and be in great form,” shared Karatedo athlete Ho Thi Hoai Tanh.

Mr. Bui Thanh Dung, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture and Sports, said that during the COVID-19 outbreak, the athletes have to train regularly in order to maintain their form and achieve good performances. Also, the Department had disinfectants sprayed at training places, refectories, accommodation and surrounding environment and requested the subordinate units, coaches, heads of sections to closely inspect and supervise the issues of sanitation, disinfection, transportation, accommodation…for athletes so as to ensure effectiveness in preventing pandemic transmission, preserve the health of athletes and the community.

“As yet, COVID-19 has postponed a series of sports tournaments. However, with the maintenance of the inspection and supervision regime for pandemic prevention and flexibility in lesson plans, the athletes are still actively training with great self-consciousness in the face of COVID-19. Also as from this time, many new and active habits in athletes’ life and awareness are formed. This is a heartening thing,” acknowledged Mr. Bui Thanh Dung.