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19/11/2018 - 14:45

Upstream discovering the Huong River 

The Huong River is a priceless gift that nature has given to Hue. Understanding the river will contribute to the preservation of the Huong River forever as it is the priceless heritage of the ancient capital land.

Visitors go upstream the Huong River, and land to discover

Stemming from that idea, young officials and civil servants working in nature preservation have organized upstream discovery journeys for those who love Hue and want to learn about the Huong River.

The journeys bring visitors to discover the legendary river from many angles: Who named the river? The values of the Huong River, its landscapes, cultural, and historical relics, and current issues affecting its water environment and vegetation on its banks.

These exciting discovery journeys have been launched since November 2018.

Experiencing in Thuy Bieu garden of pomeloes (thanh tra), which are sweet and fragrant thanks to the river’s alluvium

Ms. Ly, a Paco ethnic woman is excited at the traditional cultural space

Two little kids are observing the riverbanks with binoculars

A view of Thien Mu Pagoda is seen from a boat on the Huong River

Visitors stop by a cultural-historical destination

Young children participating in the program are exchanging, and sharing their understandings of the Huong River

Learning about the causes of pollution in the Huong River

Being excited to receive the gifts

Enjoying a snack on a moving dragon boat

By Dang Tuyen