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09/03/2018 - 14:24

Viewing grapefruit flowers in March 

In March,the thanh trà (a variety of pomelo) village of Thuy Bieu along the Huong river turns into white with the color and fragrance of pure white grapefruit (bưởi) flowers. This gives visitors slower-paced moments to enjoy the values of gifts from the nature.

Grapefruit flowers, which are different from thanh trà ones, are whiter, bigger and more fragrant

Those who come to Hue in March should stop in Thuy Bieu and travel freely on the beautiful winding roads. Everywhere is filled with the color and fragrance of grapefruit flowers, as well as a pleasingly rustic ambience that other villages can hardly offer. Then, they will be able to experience being true farmers, working on the fertile soil and gardens of the ancient capital and enjoying the values grapefruit flowers offer.

In the past, the local people often cut down grapefruit trees, as their profit was lower than thanh trà trees. However, they have been now paying more attention to the preservation of grapefruit trees because of the potential development of tourism from the fragrance of grapefruit flowers. Nowadays, grapefruit flowers have created a very attractive and interesting brand, with tours to view the grapefruit flowers in March.

White flowers on the lush green background of grapefruit leaves in the early spring

Grapefruits are big, but not sweet, so the profit from them is not as high as thanh trà.

However, the fragrance of grapefruit flowers is really distinctive

Candied grapefruit peel combined with grapefruit-fragranced green tea leaves an unforgettable aftertaste for those who taste it.

Foreign visitors enjoy soaking their feet in water with grapefruit oil, which helps dispel their tiredness

Mr. Tran Quang Hao, owner of a homestay, is very happy with the first tours of grapefruit fragrance

A visitor enjoys the fragrant atmosphere of grapefruit flowers

Travel agents are realizing the potential of this new tourism type

Cycling in the shade and flower fragrance is an unforgettable experience

Along with the thanh trà season, the grapefruit flowering season will attract visitors to the village of Thuy Bieu

By Dang Tuyen