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07/11/2022 - 15:27

Watching the Imperial robe of Emperor Khai Dinh at Lan Vien Co Tich

The exhibition "Ancient ao dai of the Nguyen Dynasty", in a collection of Prof. Dr. Thai Kim Lan, was opened on the morning of November 6 in Lan Vien Co Tich space - Huong River Museum of Antique Pottery (at 120 Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Street, Hue City).

The long bao (Imperial robe) of Emperor Khai Dinh displayed in Lan Vien Co Tich space

This event is part of the series of activities within Vietnam Design Week 2022.

In this exhibition, more than ten ao dai of the Nguyen Dynasty are introduced to the public by Prof. Dr. Thai Kim Lan. These include the ao menh phu (lady's costume), the ao xiem (xiem costume), the brocade ao dai, the winter costume, and the loosen silk costume, etc. Notably, among these costumes is the long bao (imperial robe) of Emperor Khai Dinh, which has attracted many people’s attention.

Also in this space, Trinh Hong Dieu (a younger sister of the late musician Trinh Cong Son), a designer, also introduces some traditional ao dai designs with modern orientation.

The exhibition runs until November 11.

By N. Minh