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01/04/2022 - 09:22

Young people of "Ong Du Ky" and the love of Hue

Having just awarded and closed the "Tet Hue" videos and photos contest, Ngo Phuoc Tuan briefly announced: "This project is to close and other projects will open".

Mr. Tuan is the founder of a group with the funny name "Ong Du Ky" and over the past two years, this young man and his associates have done many projects to promote Hue, creating playgrounds for young people.

The members of "Ong Du Ky" in a project to promote Hue tourism

For the love of the motherland

Of the many projects that "Ong Du Ky" implemented, most of them focus on photos and videos contests that revolve around promoting culture, history, and discovering Hue. There, many participants feel inspired and lost in the emotional world because they can both express their talents and passions, thereby contributing to bringing those contents to visitors, helping them better understand the land of the Ancient Capital as well.

There are days that the members of "Ong Du Ky" wander around the streets and look for places with a large number of tourists to give gifts. It's a glass water bottle with a call to not use plastic. It's a keychain or a fan with the symbol of Hue with the message to remember Hue - a poetic and hospitable land.

"Usually after each contest, "Ong Du Ky" often gathers those images and videos to give to units related to the promotion of Hue's image and tourism. More or less, that is the heart of young people from "Ong Du Ky" for the land where they were born and raised," Tuan confided.

Referring to the opportunity to form the group "Ong Du Ky", the boy born in 1989 in Thuy Phu, Huong Thuy town recalled that it was his own cherish when he returned to his hometown to settle down after a long time working in Ho Chi Minh city.

“From the age of 18, I moved to Ho Chi Minh city to study and work for more than 14 years. At the beginning of 2020, I decided to return to my hometown to start a business. Having studied tourism and worked in the field of media for a while, I see that Hue's tourism potential is quite large, but its promotion is still limited. In addition, Hue students lack an environment to practice their skills, so I set up a group "Ong Du Ky" consisting of many students to practice skills together, and jointly implement projects to promote Hue tourism and culture to friends across the country in particular and to international tourists in general," Tuan shared.

Starting from Tuan, "Ong Du Ky" has more than a dozen members of different ages and jobs. Some of them are still students. However, they all share the same passion for promoting Hue as well as charity works.

Spending their own money to do the project

In the days when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak, the members of "Ong Du Ky" were busy going to many places to call for charity and support for people in the south and those in the homeland who were in difficulty. Then when the trains carried people back home to avoid the pandemic, they volunteered to support, make lists and help with logistics.

Tran Huong, a graduate student in journalism (University of Sciences, Hue University) - a member of "Ong Du Ky", said that joining the group was a blessing. And thanks to that chance, he has the opportunity to do many useful things and also has the opportunity to practice and experience the jobs he loves.

Huong shared that depending on the assignment based on the strengths of the members, each person will be in charge of each stage such as writing, filming, editing, website management, running events, etc. Usually, each project lasts from 1 to 2 months. After finishing this project, the group started to come up with ideas and implement the next project.

Talking about operating costs, Ngo Phuoc Tuan said that it is a "key" issue that more or less determines the success of each project. Therefore, according to Tuan, the group often makes sponsorship applications to ask for help from suitable businesses. And fortunately, the group always receives active support from the business community. However, there are certain projects, that the group has to spend little money to implement, this work is considered by the group as a tuition fee to experience.

Story and photo: Nhat Minh