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Joy from handicraft workshops

TTH.VN - Diverse forms of experience and discovery, flourishing workshop programs have brought many more options for relaxation, entertainment, and stimulated creativity for young people.

Dedicate a lifetime to 'Zeng'Young generation in Hue enjoying handicraft experiencesExperiencing handmade products

 Unleashing creativity with artistic flower arranging

Playing while learning

Such is the mindset of An Nhiên, born in 2000, when participating in a pottery workshop organized by Hope Center Hue of the Hue Hope Vocational Training Center. As a person who is passionate about handicrafts, for Nhien, experiencing clay and pottery at the Center is both a beneficial and fascinating activity, bringing forth new and exciting emotions.

“When I was introduced to the traditional art of pottery and handcrafted a flower vase myself, I was extremely excited. Participating in the workshop was not only about learning a new craft but also about relaxation, entertainment, and unleashing creativity on the vase that I made with my own hands,” shared An Nhien.

Not only did she learn many new things, but the emotions lingering from the workshop also provided valuable experiences for the young girl. An Nhien expressed, “participating in the workshop, I gained a deeper understanding of the simple joys that come from the people at the Center. Despite the disability being a barrier that makes life much more difficult for them than others, the determination and talented hands of everyone have made me deeply admire and appreciate them.”

 “Fresh” and attractive workshop on coffee

Experiencing new things is also the desire of Van Anh, born in 2002, when participating in a flower arranging workshop. Following the instructions closely and taking notes from the instructor, in just under two hours, Van Anh completed a colorful eye-catching flower basket.

“For me, participating in a flower arranging workshop, admiring beautiful flowers and feeling relaxed, immersing myself in a space filled with leaves and flowers is truly enjoyable. Just starting to work, the work pressure to me and to people at my age is quite significant, so when focusing on activities like this, I feel very happy and meaningful, and the pressure also significantly diminishes,” said Van Anh.


As life returned to its normal pace after the pandemic, workshop programs flourished more than ever. Activities and experiences that allow participants to create handmade products, such as painting, pottery, flower arrangement, and embroidery, as well as new workshops like baking, floral tea brewing, and coffee making, not only meet the needs of learning and creativity, but also provide moments of relaxation and enjoyable entertainment for young people.

Mai, an instructor of a coffee workshop, said, “when opening a workshop, we focus on the experiences and discoveries of the participants. Therefore, all materials, equipment, and the story of the workshop are carefully prepared. During the sessions, interaction will be oriented towards sharing and exchanging. For example, we will explain why we chose to cultivate A Luoi coffee over other types of coffee, as well as how to classify, process, and brew it.”

Not only coffee workshops, but every program and activity organized will have its own story and unique experience. Participants in these workshops, whether talented, skilled or not, have infinite creativity and imagination. This adds to the excitement and surprises for both participants and program facilitators.

Van Anh, the participant in the flower arranging workshop, added, “I never expected that when participating in a flower arranging workshop, I would discover that I love flowers so much. Although there weren’t many, the foundation from the workshop helped me enhance my skills. Perhaps after this workshop, I will delve deeper into the flower industry and practice more in various flower arrangement styles.”

Today’s youths face various pressures, from study, work to life. Therefore, the appearance and thrive of workshops are extremely necessary, not only helping them find spaces to relieve stress but also increasing attractive, interesting experiences, developing creativity and fresh energy of young people.

Story and photos: MAI HUE
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