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Enterprises unite to share

TTH.VN - A turbulent year drew to an end, but what remains in each enterprise in Hue is the sharing of orders among factories as well as the support for employees in difficult times in order to create strength together for surmounting the pandemic.

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Hue Textile Garment Joint Stock Company launched the program for "going to the market instead" to help employees prevent the pandemic and work securely

Orders of sentimental attachment and sharing of pressure

After greetings via the computer screen, an online meeting began among the technical staff of two garment factories, Son Ha Hue and Son Ha Dong Nai. When the meeting ended, the technical staff in Hue turned their eyes to the screen to follow the guidance given by Dong Nai staff on the process of cutting, sewing, and finalizing products in order to fulfill the orders outside the 2021 production plan. Those were the "orders of sentimental attachment and sharing of pressure"!

With more than 10 garment factories in Son Ha Group chain of factories located in many provinces and cities across the country, over the past time, Son Ha Hue regularly shared the orders to help southern factories ensure schedule for on-time delivery and without contract compensation.

During the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the factories in Dong Nai, Ho Chi Minh City, etc. were forced to close on account of social distancing and shortage of workers. Orders which were signed with foreign partners and due for delivery but unable to be fulfilled were shifted to Hue for production.

Scavi Hue Company organized "3 on-site" production

Chairman of the Company's Trade Union, Mr. Le Van Khanh said that during the COVID-19 outbreak, the factory incurred heavy losses while implementing the pandemic measures to maintain production and under pressure from labor shortage and supply chain disruption

However, when getting the information that the southern factories closed while the order signed with the partner was due to be delivered, the factory involved employees in working overtime and provided technical guidance in order to fulfill the orders in the shortest time according to the contract schedule.

At Scavi Hue, the sharing of orders has taken place for a long time with a large number of goods since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in the southern provinces and Danang City.

As one of four domestic factories under the Scavi Group (France), while 3 Scavi garment factories located in Bien Hoa (with Scavi Dong Nai, the sample development center for the whole group), Da Nang and Bao Loc (Lam Dong) had to close or produce in moderation for lack of labor), Scavi Hue launched the campaign "Rescuing the South": supporting sample designing, producing goods to many orders for 3 domestic factories and sharing orders, providing thousands of test kits for the factories in Laos.

According to the company's General Director, Mr. Tran Van My, although the COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected the production and business activities of the enterprise with F0 cases within the factory precincts, when the member factories called for support because of many orders at risk of contract delay, the enterprise called on employees to arrange to work overtime, work on days off in order to produce goods to order for factories in the south.

As a result, despite the closure for more than 3 months, the southern factories retained customers, ensured the progress of signed orders in 2021, and generated motivation for signing the new contracts in 2022.

“Going to the market instead of workers”

On the last days of the year, the number of F0 cases in the community continuously rose and penetrated factories. In order to mitigate the risk of pandemic spread and make it possible for employees to work securely, Hue Textile Garment Joint Stock Company launched the program for "going to the market instead of employees” on demand, and at the same time served breakfast and coffee right in the factory to implement the motto "1 route, 2 destinations", limiting outside contact.

Hue Textile Garment Joint Stock Company prepared gifts for the employees infected with COVID-19

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ha, a garment worker, said, “In the past, every morning before going to work, I and my wife took turns to go to the market to buy food and left it for the children. Then together we had breakfast and brought coffee to the factory. After the pandemic outbreak, the company assigned a force to support women in buying food every day, covered part of the cost of breakfast and refreshments in the factory canteen. This was very convenient, both saving time, reducing costs and not worrying about disease transmission.”

According to General Director of Hue Textile Garment Joint Stock Company, Mr. Nguyen Van Phong, in order for employees to stick with the company and feel secure in their work, the company treats them with both intellect and heart, considering employees its family members to take care of, worry about.

After the emergence of F0 cases at the factory from the localities, in order to reduce pressure on employees and help them adapt during the quarantine and treatment, the company promptly supported 3 million VND/person, regularly visited them, shared difficulties with their family members and developed the supporting policies for the difficult employees during the quarantine period.

Sentimental attachment remains

Sharing orders from the sectors of textile, furniture, seafood, etc., seemed to have been familiar to the factories in the province over the past time, in the face of many difficulties and challenges amid COVID-19 outbreak in many localities. By proactively implementing many anti-pandemic measures, the factories have not yet closed even for one day; thousands of employees have had stable jobs.

Therefore, upon receiving the information that the factories in the south, especially in provinces and cities hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic such as Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai ... that had to close, lacked workers, and faced the risk of having to compensate for contracts with partners due to delay in delivery time, the factories in Hue such as Hue textile garment, Son Ha, Scavi, Phu Hoa An… quickly received raw materials, arranged workers and started production.

Quick test samples for workers at Phu Hoa An Garment Factory took

In the early days of September 2021, when the wave of workers in the southern provinces returned to their hometown to avoid the pandemic, aside from material support to help them stabilize their life soon, many factories of garments, furniture, enamel, seafood ... organized to recruit hundreds of workers to learn jobs and work at factories, offering job opportunities to many families after a long time of losing jobs due to the pandemic.

Perhaps there remain many stories of sharing during the pandemic, but what left in each person’s memory is the noble gesture of enterprises for their customers, partners or employees through practical deeds, contributing to spreading the beautiful image in the heart of Vietnamese entrepreneurs far and wide.

Story and photos: Thanh Huong

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