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To live is to share

TTH.VN - Doctor (Dr.) Nguyen Viet Quang Hien (born in 1987), Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union, Deputy Head of Department of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation A - Hue Central Hospital is one of 65 nationwide familiar faces honored to receive the Award of "Youth living a beautiful life" in 2021 of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Youth Union.

Upgrading skills of treating urological cancer for doctors in the Central - Highlands regionThe No. 4 volunteer medical delegation established to support HCMC in the fight against the pandemic

Dr. Nguyen Viet Quang Hien (on the right) has many articles and scientific works highly appreciated by experts

Eager to be on the front lines

In beginning of June 2021, Hue Central Hospital organized a medical team with 18 members on their way to the "hot spot" Bac Giang to support the prevention and control of COVID-19 pandemic.

Writing a volunteer application and being approved to join the delegation, young Dr. Quang Hien was a bit worried when this was the first time he had a working trip, with the "fight" in a completely new environment.

“The warm welcome and maximum support of local leaders, colleagues and people there make our previous worries disappear. Quickly pulled ourselve together, everyone focused on working on the emergencies at that time," Dr. Hien share.

After the time in Bac Giang province, the support team of Hue Central Hospital and doctors from Da Nang were assigned by the Ministry of Health to be in charge of the COVID-19 Intensive Care Center.

This is the largest field hospital ever, with a total of 101 beds for intensive care, and the most modern equipment prioritized by the Ministry of Health. This field hospital is responsible for receiving and treating COVID-19 patients with poor prognoses in Bac Giang.

According to Dr. Hien, despite having experience in treating patients with severe COVID-19 infection, the cases transferred here were all emergent with complicated disease progression and underlying diseases, so they faced many difficulties in treatment.

Dr. Nguyen Viet Quang Hien participates in treatment at Bac Giang Province's Intensive Care Center

He still remembers one of the first patients of the field hospital, a pregnant woman in her 30s with severe respiratory failure and deficient oxygen saturation.

Quickly receiving and giving first aid to the patient, he and his colleagues conducted a consultation and decided to place ECMO. After more than a day of fighting for her life, the whole crew could breathe a sigh of relief when the patient opened her eyes and gradually regained consciousness.

Ending the "battle" in Bac Giang, Dr. Hien continued to write a volunteer letter to support Ho Chi Minh City at the time of its pandemic outbreak. However, in the time of complicated epidemic situation in Thua Thien Hue, he was mobilized by hospital leaders to participate in the treatment of COVID-19 patients at Hue Central Hospital, Base 2.

Regardless of the "front", Dr. Nguyen Viet Quang Hien also tried his best to quickly help patients recover from the disease. He always thought that he had to put himself in the patient's situation in order to show his sympathy. 

There are COVID-19 patients, when receiving treatment, was in a state of panic, screaming even though the critical time has passed. At such times, it is necessary to have a considerate attitude of the doctor in order to ease the patient's physical and mental pain.

“Even the doctors involved in the treatment themselves are under tremendous mental pressure. Witnessing the case that did not survive, everyone's heart was heavy but we still trying to regain our spirits to treat other patients. On the contrary, the cases that were discharged from the hospital are the motivation for everyone to continue their efforts," Dr. Hien recalled.

To live is to share

At the end of November, after receiving the award "Youth living a beautiful life", Dr. Hien continued... to live a beautiful life when he decided to deduct part of the prize money to give scholarships to 10 underprivileged students in A Luoi district.

Dr. Nguyen Viet Quang Hien often participates in volunteer activities to help disadvantaged people

According to him, this is not the first time he does volunteer work. Regardless of his position, over the years, Dr. Hien always joins with colleagues and benefactors in many charity and social activities towards the community.

Right from the time he was still in school, the student Nguyen Viet Quang Hien enthusiastically participated in many summer campaigns and provided free medical examination, treatment and medicine to people in remote areas in Thua Thien Hue and neighboring provinces.

During the volunteering sessions, Dr. Hien many times witnessed particularly difficult situations in mountainous areas. People there were mainly manual workers, lack knowledge, so they often ignoredtheir own illnesses. In many cases, it was only when they got examined that they realized how serious the disease was.

Witnessing the hard life of the countryman, he and his colleagues are always willing to join hands to make donations, mobilize supports to build shelters, give scholarships and bicycles to poor students.

"It is the volunteering trips that help me and my union members have more motivation to strive and make a small contribution to the people and the homeland," Dr. Hien share.

Representative of the Provincial Youth Union assessed that as a Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union of Hue Central Hospital, for many years, Dr. Nguyen Viet Quang Hien always joins with colleagues and benefactors in many charity and social activities in the community. Along with social work, the strength of Hue Central Hospital Youth Union is the spirit of constantly learning, improving expertise and participating in scientific research.

Dr. Nguyen Viet Quang Hien said that the scientific research movement among union members is making positive changes. In the coming time, the Youth Union of Hue Central Hospital will continue to replicate the above movement with seminars, academic conferences and plan to establish a Young Doctors Club under the Provincial Young Doctors Association.

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