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Accompanying F0 in the treatment of COVID-19

TTH.VN - Established on January 3, up to now, Hue Volunteer Doctors Association (HVDA) with more than 100 members has accompanied more than 6,000 cases of F0 home treatment in the city, in which, more than 70% of cases are the elderly, children and unvaccinated patients.

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Pharmacist Doan Chi Thanh - a member of the Hue Volunteer Doctors Association took advantage of the evening to call and give advice on a case of F0 for home treatment. Photo: provided by the character

Being dedicated and enthusiastic

Taking advantage of the evening's free time, while chatting with me, the young pharmacist Tran Thi Quynh Nhu checked the information of F0 cases transferred from medical facilities for consultation during the day.

She said: “The first case that I received for health counseling and monitoring right after joining the association was the case of a 19-month pregnant patient with symptoms of fever, stuffy nose, and insomnia. This F0 case was initially very confused and worried with the fear of affecting the children. After being reassured and monitored by me, after a short time, the patient gradually recovered, the symptoms decreased and the rapid test result was negative.”

Similarly, the young pharmacist Doan Chi Thanh also joined the association since the beginning. On average, Mr. Thanh advises 8 cases F0 per day who are isolated and treated at home.

Mr. Thanh shared: “Every day, I have to go to work from 7 am to 5 pm, having a little time to rest at noon or in the evening, I contact the assigned F0 patients, then contact them through Zalo for consultation and monitoring their health status".

"There were cases of F0 who introduced other patients to the association after recovering from the disease. Since then, the association has become more well-known and begun to have F0 cases who actively contacted the association for advice. These were just small actions to help patients feel secure in the treatment process, but we can feel the love and gratitude from the F0 cases in return. I feel I have more strength to continue accompanying the association, joining hands to fight the COVID-19 pandemic," Mr. Thanh said.

Ms. Nguyen Hong D., an F0 case, living in Vinh Ninh ward, said: “There are 4 people in my family who are F0, including children and the elderly with hypertension. At first, I was very worried because I had no experience in treatment. Thanks to pharmacist Thanh and the care from Hue Volunteer Doctors Association, their enthusiastic advice and support, my family's condition had gradually stabilized. In addition to consulting on drugs and treatment, pharmacist Thanh also taught us how to breathe, supplemented with nutrition and vitamin C to boost the immunology, so that I and my family felt much more secure."

Being at people’s service

Currently, Hue Volunteer Doctors Association has more than 100 volunteers who are retired medical staff, doctors, pharmacists, and students studying and working at schools and health care facilities in the province. Although everyone is busy with their own work, every day they still take time to join hands to fight the pandemic and help F0 patients who are being treated at home.

HVDA was established with the initial goal of reducing the risk of patients turning into severe conditions requiring hospitalization and reducing mortality rate, and at the same time reducing the pressure of the medical staff, strengthening the health sector, and contributing to repelling the COVID-19 pandemic. On average, the association consults and monitors health for more than 300 cases of F0 per day. The association also prescribes medication and psychological counseling for F0 and family members; provides essentials for F0 and underprivileged families in the area.

Dr. Tran Thi Hue, MSc., Manager of Hue Volunteer Doctors Association shared: “After more than 2 months of establishment, HVDA has been performing well its role as consultants and supporters for F0 cases treated at home. Moreover, the association has also provided more than 75 gifts for difficult patients and nearly 500 packages of drug A, 150 SPO2 pulse oximeters to 36 ward medical stations in Hue City. HVDA will always accompany and support patients mentally so that F0 patients will feel secure and not alone during the treatment process.

“Not only supporting F0 with home treatment advice, in the coming time, HVDA aims to monitor, care for and advise patients with post-COVID-19 symptoms; after that, medical examination and treatment will be carried out, with online consultations (priority given to the poor and remote areas) to reduce pressure on local medical facilities, contribute to protecting public health," Dr. Hue shared.

By Chau Thai

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