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Flood-crossing Caged fish to have a bumper

TTH.VN - Local people at Vinh Hien Commune (Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province) raise fish species with high economic value such as groupers and giant trevally.

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According to the estimation of Vinh Hien Commune People's Committee, fish culturists can earn at least tens of million dongs if there is a bumper and the price is good. Some can earn over VND 1 billion/season.

Cage fish model at Vinh Hien

Fish grows well

We were back to Vinh Hien commune exactly a year after the storm No. 12 in 2017, which caused a flood lasting for more than a week. Leaders of Vinh Hien People’s Committee recalled their anguish when watching hundreds of tons of dead fish all over the water surface. The last flood caused nearly a complete loss for the flood-crossing cage fish that was raised for sale on the occasion of Lunar New Year in Vinh Hien. Tens of billion dongs were drifted with water.

Ms. Tinh Thi Le Trang, the largest cage fish owner in Vinh Hien, said cheerfully: “This year, the weather is favorable so the fish grow well. When Tet holiday is about to come, they will grow to the expected size. Therefore, my family may earn a little bit”.

As for Mr. Phan Minh – a cage fish culturist, after the last year damage, he continued to focus his efforts on this year's crop. By early 11th month of the lunar year, his 35 cages of fish are in a stable development.

Mr. Minh said that the most worried thing in caged fish culturing at Vinh Hien commune was long lasting rains and floods that might sweeten the water on Cau Hai lagoon. It was impossible for their fish to survive due to the difference in oxygen content between flood water and brackish water. With the current number of cages with the fish growing well, it was expected that his family would earn several hundred million dongs for selling fish this Tet holiday.

A fish farmer of Vinh Hien is checking fish quality

Mr. Le Thiet, Chairman of Vinh Hien Fishery Association excitedly shared that in about 3 years, caged fish farmers in Vinh Hien always faced difficulties because their fish died frequently. This year, the caged fish culture of more than 450 households in the commune were stable. In addition to favorable weather, people were technically adherent, controlled food sources, and regularly checked the water environment to mainstream fish protection solutions.

Chairman of Vinh Hien Commune People's Committee Mr. Nguyen Van Loi said that the commune has rearranged caged fish culture system in the area. In 2017, the whole commune had 3,400 cages with a very thick density. There were many seasons that the fish still suffocated although there was no flood. Up to present, the whole commune has 1600 cages of 471 culturists. Raising fish with such a right density would limit water pollution.

Supplying fish for Tet market

Mr. Nguyen Van Loi said that this year would be one of the best seasons in the cross-flood farming at Vinh Hien, and a promising bumper to provide fish specialties to the market and meet people’s needs in the coming New Year. With a bumper harvest, local people’s income would be higher and there would be a more prosperous Tet holiday.

The people of Vinh Hien said that according to market rules, whenever  the fish grows well, their price will be low and vice versa. Therefore, this year fish cage farming will be lower than those in the previous years.

However, according to Nguyen Van Loi, the possibility of lower price will exist, but not significantly. It will not “drop” as that of other seafood. It should not be worried since prices of such specialty fish as grouper and giant trevally may fall only about VND 10-20 thousand/kg.

According to the small traders specialized in purchasing cage fish in Vinh Hien, such fish as grouper, giant trevally and snapper are very popular in the market, especially in Da Nang city. In addition to restaurants, these fish are also provided for wedding parties. In current market, the grouper ranges from VND 280 to 300 thousand/kg, and the giant trevally ranges about VND 150 to 180 thousand/kg. In spite of high output this year, it is most likely that the price will not change because the demand is very large on the occasion of Tet, even probably “out of order”.

Mr. Mai Van Xi, Vice Director of the Agriculture and Rural Development of Phu Loc district, said that to ensure the safety of fish till the end of the crop, it is recommended that fish culturists should regularly update the weather forecast for an active response and ensure the right breeding techniques and fish density in each cage. With a number of fish that grows well, and reaches expected sizes, they can sell them gradually to avoid the situation of a mass harvest.

Story, photos: Duc Quang

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