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Flowers are plentifully arriving to serve Tet market

TTH.VN - To sell and serve the customers for the 2024 Lunar New Year of the Dragon, flowers from the South, the North, and even from the suburban flower-growing areas of Hue are being transferred to Hue central area by traders.

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 On the morning of February 1, the flower owners sold a pair of Hue gold chrysanthemums pots to the buyer at 450.000 VND

It is about a week till Tet, and this is the time that many kinds of flowers are being imported to Hue continuously to meet the market’s demand.

In the central areas and along the main routes in Hue, flowers are displayed fully with colors and varieties. At this time, the flower buyers also take advantage of sunny weather to go out and enjoy the spring vibe, while comparing prices and choosing for them the flower pots they prefer.

As of the morning of February 1 (the 22nd day of the Lunar December), the market of flowers has begun to bustle. Many large trucks carrying flowers coming from the North, the South, or from the suburban flower villages of Hue lined up  to carry flowers to the central area, creating a picturesque spring scene.

Despite the relatively weak purchasing power, with the sunny and dry weather, which is forecasted to last until the days leading up to Tet, many flower traders still hope that they will reach favorable trading. The largest quantity among the flower varieties remains the golden chrysanthemums grown by Hue farmers.

At this time, the golden chrysanthemums are sold from 400.000 VND to over 1 million VND/pair, depending on each size. Hoi An kumquats cost from 1 million VND to 3 million VND/pot, Northern peach blossoms range from several million VND to several tens of millions VND/pot, etc. Many other kinds of flowers such as orchids and orchid cymbidiums with the price from several hundred thousand VND to several million VND always attract buyers.

“This year, thanks to the favorable weather conditions, the flowers are not only beautiful but also affordable,” shared Mr. Phu, one who has just bought a pot of Hoi An kumquat at 2.1 million VND. Meanwhile, according to the flower traders, depending on the market situation, they intend to import more flowers to serve buyers in the coming days.

Following are some photos taken by Thua Thien Hue Online on the morning of February 1:

 Thanks to the favorable weather conditions, the flowers this year are both beautiful and affordable. A pot of kumquat is sold at 2.1 million VND
 Dominating the Tet flower market are the golden chrysanthemums grown by Hue farmers
 Each pot of this dog-roses costs around 1.5 million VND
 Traveling to Hue on the days near Tet, a group of visitors are excited to stroll the spring flower markets
 In addition to the large ornamental plants, the market of Tet flowers also offers a diverse range of potted flowers for decoration
The ancient peach blossoms in large sizes are delivered from the North 
 At the flower market in the Provincial Cultural and Cinematographic Center, each pot of bonsai apricot blossoms cost nearly 5 million VND for sale
 The golden chrysanthemums are delivered from the flower villages to Hue
By N. Minh
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