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More opportunities for Lang Co to attract investment

TTH.VN - Never before has Lang Co (Phu Loc) received tremendous favorable opportunities for development like this recent time, when major investors constantly rushed into the bay.

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Lang Co, a dynamic and charming tourist destination

A destination for investors

In mid-May, 2019, Minh Vien International Tourist Area hurriedly completed their remaining facilities and infrastructure to organize the festival "Lang Co – the Beautiful World Bay," on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Lang Co being recognized as a beautiful bay in the world. Mr. Phan Quang Minh, Director of Operation and Development of Minh Vien International Tourist Area shared that by the end of 2019, there would be about 200-300 rooms to be put into operation in Phase I of the project, reflecting an unprecedented construction speed in the company's history.

As of April 2019, Chan May - Lang Co Economic Zone has attracted 21 projects investing in tourism with over 67,000 billion VND. Particularly in the first quarter of 2019, Chan May - Lang Co Economic Zone has 4 foreign investment projects and 4 domestic projects with a total registered capital of over USD 60 million and 5,763 billion VND respectively. More specifically, Laguna Lang Co has been adjusted to increase investment capital to 2 billion USD, aiming at becoming one in the largest sea resort quartet of the country in the future.

Mr. Nguyen Van Manh, Chairman of Phu Loc District People's Committee said, the general investment picture in Lang Co in particular and Chan May - Lang Co Economic Zone seems "bright" with many big projects under speedy construction progress. This is owing to the direction of the Provincial People's Committee and the effective coordination between the Management Board of the Provincial Economic and Industrial Zones and the People's Committee of Phu Loc District, especially in promoting and fostering investment.

“As for the locality, Phu Loc district focuses on the most effective implementation of land clearance, creating credibility with the investors. By ensuring social security and safety, we have also contributed to making investors feel secure in their business investment,” said Nguyen Van Manh.

The government has just announced their master plan to develop Lang Co - Canh Duong into a National Tourist Area by 2025, with a vision to 2030. Mr. Le Van Tue, Head of the Provincial Economic and Industrial Zones Management, cheerily shared: According to the plan, Lang Co - Canh Duong can mobilize more effectively investment resources in the future, including state budget support, ODA, foreign direct investment (FDI), the contribution of enterprise organizations, domestic economic sectors and other legal capital sources.

Tourists enjoy walking on the sandy footpath emerging in the midst of water in Lang Co

Untying infrastructure knots to develop further

According to tourist experts, transport infrastructure is viewed as "blood vessels" for the sustainable development of tourism. However, the transport infrastructure in Lang Co and Chan May - Lang Co Economic Zone still has several limitations. The destinations are not connected to become a chain of resorts and hotels. Therefore, the overall urban sea tourism here is affected to a certain extent.

Mr. Nguyen Van Manh affirmed that this "knot" would be untied. Recently, the Provincial People's Committee has issued a written request to the Government to adjust the detailed planning of functional sections in Chan May - Lang Co Economic Zone, together with investment in transport infrastructure completion.

Following the adjustment, there will be major traffic routes, along with newly established procedures to attract investment in transport infrastructure. This helps Chan May - Lang Co develop the tourism sector in harmonious with local industry.

Specifically, the scheme is to change the road alongside Canh Duong into a road that borders Phu Gia Pass to create sizeable areas of land for large-scale projects. The connection points between the roads are widened to enhance visibility and faster, safer travel speeds for vehicles.

In addition, Hai Van tunnel No. 2 is also bound to be completed, upon which new development opportunities for Lang Co will arise. At the same time, port No.3 of Chan May port will soon come into operation while the construction progress at port No. 2 is being accelerated.

The operation of these two ports will pave the way for cargo ships to dock while Port No. 1 is under refurbishment and upgradation to become a harbor specially designated for tourism, ready for the arrival of largest world class cruise ships.

In fact, Lang Co area still continues to attract investment in infrastructure which lays a solid foundation for the future development of Lang Co and its connection with Bach Ma and Chan May Port to form a growth triangle for sea leisure tourism, cultural tourism, and eco-tourism.

The projects on National Highway 1A, National Road 49A, National Road 49B, La Son - Tuy Loan highway, Cam Lo - La Son highway, and the expansion of the terminal in Phu Bai international airport ... are also well under way. These will form the basis for a "network" of synchronous traffic which eases transportation for visitors to Lang Co.

Posted and photos by DUC QUANG

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