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New opportunities from the modern airport

TTH.VN - The Terminal T2 of Phu Bai International Airport has been completed and put into operation, opening up new opportunities for Thua Thien Hue to accelerate and develop.

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With a modern design with motifs of Hue Royal Palace, the Terminal T2 has just been put into operation

A worthy service

Ms. Gaellems Okba, a French national, has just landed at the Terminal T2 on its first day of operation and said: “I experienced an airport with a clean and beautiful precinct. Its guest lounges are modern and luxury. The staff is thoughtful, friendly and enthusiastic, making me feel comfortable after hours on the plane.”

Mr. Nguyen Duc Tien, Director of Phu Bai International Airport shared that with the “brand” of a national airport, Phu Bai International Airport has received the attention of the Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) over the past time. Most significantly, after many investments in upgrading and renovating the airport until 2017, its infrastructure was no longer suitable to actual needs due to a gradual increase of passengers that was annually 30% over the designed capacity of the terminal.

To meet that demand, ACV cooperated with Thua Thien Hue province to construct the Terminal T2 at Phu Bai International Airport with a total capital of VND 2,250 billion at the end of 2019. The project included the passenger terminal, fence system, roads, expansion of aircraft parking lots for 8 aircraft, car park and ancillary items...

Passengers complete their check-in before boarding at Terminal T2

Particularly, the Terminal T2 is invested with many modern equipment and advanced aviation technology, providing many high-quality facilities to serve passengers, with a design of 2 elevations and 3 floors.

The 1st floor includes an arrival hall, baggage conveyor belt, operations control room, immigration area, port authority, customs, crew rooms, VIP lounge, lost-and-found luggage room, electrical engineering rooms, security control room, medical room, service area... The mezzanine floor includes offices of airlines, air conditioning system, and toilet area. The 2nd floor includes departure hall, check-in area, security control, exit area, boarding area...

Currently, the Terminal T2 of Phu Bai international airport has all conditions to welcome 5 million passengers/year, including 1 million international visitors...

Promoting international flights

For nearly 17 years, this port had an international brand name but has not really received a true international flight. Referring to this issue, the Director of Phu Bai International Airport smiled and said: “Yesterday was different from today.” Currently, with the infrastructure capacity of the completed Terminal 2, Phu Bai International Airport is qualified and no longer worried or afraid when welcoming international guests. Phu Bai International Airport is creating the best conditions for partners, services, and airlines to operate tours, routes...

However, as for the leader of Phu Bai international airport, the connection to open international flights depended on many factors. Along with the efforts of the relevant units, departments and sectors, positive solutions of the local government from promoting, advertising to attract tourists and really making Hue a “destination” of international visitors are being expected.

Mr. Dinh Manh Thang, Chairman of the Provincial Tourism Association said that there was no reason for not exploiting international tourist markets with a land rich in tourism potential like Thua Thien Hue, along with convenient transportation infrastructure and especially the international airport. When the prerequisite at Phu Bai international airport was available, the “sufficient” condition is only the positive goodwill with “full cooperation”. Relevant departments and authorities would soon hold conferences to promote and introduce the quality of tourism products and services on the basis of coordination and covenant to bring tourists to and from Hue via the airport.

A leader of the Department of Tourism said that good news has come when the technical infrastructure of Terminal T2 of Phu Bai International Airport was spacious and modern. Currently, the Department has worked with domestic airlines and a number of major partners and travel agencies to discuss plans to increase flight frequency, open new routes to the Terminal T2 and expected to have international flights to Phu Bai International Airport soon...

An expert from the Provincial Institute for Development Studies shared that the international airports in many countries, after being put into operation, have reportedly promoted their effectiveness and become a hub for connecting traffic, transporting passengers, high-value goods, and attracting investment in economic development, export, tourism, warehousing, etc., creating a large urban development area.

Not out of that trend, relevant authorities of Thua Thien Hue province need to soon have real “explicit  policies” for attracting not only tourists, but also foreign investors and corporations to Hue city, with its fiscal space for accelerating the development of tourism, industrial services... and the recently-expanded Phu Bai international airport.

Story and photos: Minh Van
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