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The project of T2 Terminal of Phu Bai International Airport to be completed by the end of 2022

TTH.VN - That information was informed by the representative of leaders from Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) – the project investor, on the occasion of Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Hoang Hai Minh visited and encouraged the team of management, contractors, and workers to celebrate the Lunar New Year of Tiger on the morning of February 8.

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The units taking advantage of good weather to launch the project on the morning of February 8

Although 2021 witnessed various unfavorable weather conditions and the COVID-19 pandemic, the project investor has made effort to urge establishments and construction contractors to speed up the progress in their possible conditions. The project investment is 2,249 billion VND, including the terminal with the floor area of 22,318m2 (3 floors) and many other attached items such as the electromechanical house, wastewater treatment station, parking lot, in and out ways, green trees, etc., with a capacity of 5 million passengers per year (including 4 million domestic passengers and 1 million international passengers).

Up to now, the constructions for ground and pile foundation have been completed and the ongoing work for building up the terminal body has reached over 80% of its total volume while the item of the floor way has been completed over 30% under the contract. In the coming time, with favorable weather conditions and stable pandemic situation, the project is expected to be fully completed in December 2022. As for the project of aircraft parking expansion phase 1 covering an area of over 60.000 m2 with many items are currently under construction on schedule and striving to complete by the end of the second quarter of 2022.

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Hoang Hai Minh highly appreciated the effort of the investor, contractor, and construction unit in being proactive to overcome the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to carry out the project items on schedule. The Vice Chairman said that this is an important project of Thua Thien Hue in particular and the nation in general to ensure the connection of air traffic infrastructure. Therefore, the investor needs to coordinate with relevant departments to focus on solving difficulties, especially overcoming the disadvantages from bad weather and the pandemic to speed up the construction project to finish as planned.

In addition to ensuring the schedule, it is necessary to ensure the factors of technique, work quality, and working safety during the construction. The provincial leader committed to always being by their side and guiding the relevant departments and localities to cooperate with the investor to handle the obstacles (if any) to make the project complete on time.

By Minh Van

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