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Nurturing passion and promoting innovation in every business

TTH.VN - Innovative start-up activities in Thua Thien Hue have obtained many achievements and have been honored. However, in order for them to continue to spread, in addition to internal resources from enterprises, startups also need mechanisms and policies to effectively activate innovative start-up activities in each business.

Generating motivation from the innovation start-up ecosystem

To clarify the issues raised, Thua Thien Hue Weekly had an interview with Dr. Ho Thang, Director of the Science and Technology Department

 Dr. Ho Thang, Director of the Science and Technology Department

Sir, how have the institutions serving the innovative start-up activities in the province been invested in and developed so far?

For a long time, we have always placed enterprises at the center of policies to support the application of science and technology, and enterprises are also a key element in the innovative start-up ecosystem, as well as a driving force, companion, and support innovation.

Because in addition to enterprises, the elements involved in operating the innovative startup ecosystem and contributing to the achievements of innovative startups, there are also the State, schools, research organizations, investors, incubators, service providers, investment funds, start-up support funds, funding organizations, experts, etc.

The building of an institution for innovative startups is also an investment in and development of infrastructure for start-up activities. Thereby mobilizing many participants, and contributing to creating puzzle pieces to form a more complete startup ecosystem.

Enterprises are the center of innovative startups. What conditions are needed to attract this force to participate more and more strongly?

Thua Thien Hue currently has a lot of potential for startup development. However, the innovative startup ecosystem is only in the early stages. The number of start-ups, especially innovative startup enterprises, exploiting intellectual property, technology, and new business models is still very small. Therefore, it is very necessary to promote the implementation of activities to support the formation and development of the innovative startup ecosystem in the province.

With enterprises as the center, over the past time, the province has issued many practical mechanisms and policies to create motivation for innovative startup enterprises to form and develop. In addition to organizing innovative startup competitions, the department will continue to create a favorable environment for enterprises to invest in technology transfer, improve competitiveness, contribute to the economic development of the province, and attract enterprises to participate in innovation. 

Being facilitated, but it seems that the results of innovative startup activities are still not strong and not achieved as expected, so what is the reason?

We are still concerned about this issue. Currently, startups and start-up businesses have not had a breakthrough, which is mainly due to the small number of businesses compared to the potential of the province, and they are mainly small and micro enterprises. In addition, the spirit of support for innovative startup activities of the previous enterprises is still very low, so there is still not much support, leading the startups to overcome the difficulties encountered when developing ideas and startup projects in the market.

In general, the technology level of enterprises in the province is quite low, especially in small and medium enterprises. The source of technology demand in the area is not clear, the percentage of enterprises with technological innovation needs is still low. Investment attraction policies have made great efforts by departments, agencies, and sectors, but due to many objective reasons, investment and development activities are still difficult.

Another problem is that the success of startups still depends on many factors, including human resources, knowledge, management skills, connection to the innovation ecosystem, and policies of the State as well as the connection with domestic and international investors.

In addition, innovative startup activities in the area are still limited, in which the value of the intellectual property based on inventions and research results of scientists has not been promoted to make start-ups more effective. In particular, the effective commercialization of accepted scientific research, the inventions, useful solutions, and research results of scientists have not yet developed strongly.

How to remove obstacles and develop the innovation ecosystem in the province, sir?

On the basis of determining the strategy to develop the innovation ecosystem in the province, the Startup Ancient Capital Project will be concretized with programs and activities, aiming at the most practical support for ideas and investment start-up projects in the province, in which, the role of innovation ecosystem components is very important and determines the success of the province's innovation development strategy.

We set out some key solutions to develop the Startup Ancient Capital ecosystem. Firstly, there is a need for consistent leadership in orientation and action, mobilizing the participation of elements of the innovation ecosystem, state agencies, schools, socio-political organizations, enterprises, and incubators.

At the same time, focusing on developing training activities, equipping businesses with knowledge about entrepreneurship, and production management skills, improving innovation capacity, absorbing technology and gradually developing technology of enterprises, creating favorable conditions for research and transfer of scientific and technological results in accordance with the market mechanism.

Second, the State needs to create an environment to promote and support businesses to start businesses, innovative startups, develop projects in potential industries, and pose problems for enterprises to participate in key industries, in which, the focus is on supporting and promoting ideas, projects, and startups in tourism, information technology, communication, industry, and agriculture with high technology applications, biology, tourism, and healthcare.

Third, there should be practical support policies for enterprises to innovate technology to restructure energy production and business. Orientation to develop a startup ecosystem, open innovation, connect, promote new technology transfer, develop business models with high technology content, contribute to the promotion of new technology trends, and promote applying technology to the production and business process in order to improve productivity and product quality.

Fourth, diversifying resources towards the open innovative startup model to attract investment in technology transfer and attract resources from technology villages; attract startups to start up, mobilize foreign direct investment (FDI) capital to start-up in Hue; connecting business activities with the local and international innovative startup community.

Fifth, it is necessary to attach importance to the application of scientific and technological achievements, and the application of research results to commercialization, considering this as the main direction to associate scientists with enterprises. Priority will be given to supporting science and technology projects and innovative startup ideas for potential fields, such as information technology associated with the program of building smart cities, with biotechnology, organic agriculture, and hi-tech applications in medicine, and product development under the Hue brand.

Thank you so much!

By Hoai Thuong
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