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A very different Hue through the eyes of international photographers

TTH.VN - “We love Hue and admire everything related to the Ancient Capital, from its culture, landscapes, nature, people, to its cuisine,” shared the photographers after participating in the inaugural Hue International Photography Festival 2023.

International photographers taking photos in Hue heritages

 Taking photos at Ngoc Dich Lake, Hue Imperial City.

 Preserving moments

The Hue International Photography Festival is the result from a chance encounter between heritage preservation enthusiasts and the Crossing Bridge 20Plus. Its purpose is to connect, introduce, and promote the cultural heritage of Hue through the lens of photographers.

Nguyen Thanh Tung, a photographer from Ho Chi Minh City and a member of the judging panel, who serves as a “bridge” between the Hue Monuments Conservation Centre and Crossing Bridge 20Plus, stated that though he has travelled a lot and taken many beautiful photos, Hue in his eyes is a place where “if you visit once, you'll want to return again and again, and each time, your emotions remain intact as the first one. Because I love Hue, I wanted to invite photographers from around the world to come here, share, and spread the cultural values and heritage of Hue so that more people can learn about it.”

Over the course of nearly four days, the photographers had intriguing experiences and discoveries: waking up at 3 a.m. to catch the sunrise in the lagoon, visiting rural villages, craft villages, and exploring local cuisine. They experienced Hue's cultural heritage, from the Imperial City to the daily lives of its people, royal tombs, the Imperial Citadel, royal court music, Hue classical opera, and Hue unicorn dance. Through the lens of dedicated photographers, the images captured during their journey offer fresh perspectives of artists who share a passion for recreating reality through the prism of art.

“Standing before the majestic natural landscapes and the splendid cultural heritage of Hue, all weariness fades. It's wonderful to be in Hue for this photography festival,” exclaimed Bandu Gunaratne from Sri Lanka enthusiastically.

Ms. Pia Jessen, an Australian photographer visiting the Ancient Capital for the first time, expressed her happiness at the warm welcome received from the organizers and local residents. “I am very surprised by the changing scenes of Hue every hour. We captured those radiant moments through our lenses, and I am certain that I will return to Hue very soon to explore more about this land and its people,” she remarked.

Crossing Bridge 20Plus, established in 2004, has organized annual events in various countries for 20 consecutive years, with over 100 participants each year, including many renowned professional photographers. The goal of Asia Photography Crossing Bridge is to connect photography clubs from neighbouring countries, build cross-border friendships, and share a passion for photography. Another of its noble objectives is to help communities promote their national images to the world.

 Creating opportunities

For the fourth time, Asia Photography Crossing Bridge returns to Vietnam and selects Hue as its destination. Mr. Eddie Ng, Chairman of Crossing Bridge 20Plus, had nothing but praise for Hue, describing it as “the most special city I have ever been to.”

Hue captivates photographers with its peace, cleanliness, and dynamic young population. “Hue also has many interesting stories that entice us to explore, and be fascinated with its heritage and people. During the journey, we took photos anytime, anywhere we went,” shared Eddie Ng.

According to the chairman of Crossing Bridge 20Plus, many influential figures were among the near 100 international photographers participating in this festival. “After this trip, there will be thousands of people eagerly awaiting images and information about Hue and it is certain that the spillover effect will be very high. I am confident that this is the best way to promote tourism in Hue, your beautiful city,” he said.

Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Hai Trung, Deputy Director of Hue Monuments Conservation Centre and Head of the Organizing Committee, revealed that after the success of the inaugural edition, the Hue International Photography Festival will be held every two years, with future editions selecting new locations to enrich the experiences and discoveries for artists.

Additionally, about 100 award-winning photos and beautiful images selected from the 541 entries in the “Discovering Hue Heritages” photo contest during this creative camp will be displayed on the upcoming Vietnam's Heritage Day on November 23rd. After the exhibition, these works will be donated by the photographers to the province for use in communication work, promoting destinations in the heritage area, as well as showcasing the image and tourism of Hue to international friends.

Taking place from September 10th to 13th, the International Photography Festival Hue 2023 garnered the participation of 116 photographers in the region. Among them, 97 international photographers came from countries including Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and 19 local photographers from various regions in Vietnam. In addition to the main activities like exploring Hue heritage, a volunteering day for Hue's children, and a thematic discussion on "Future trends in global art photography," there was also a photo contest called "Discover Hue Heritage" for international participants, sponsored by the Vietnam Photography Artists Association.
Story and photo: Lien Minh
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