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“Artistic inspiration from royal patterns”

TTH.VN - On the afternoon of June 3, at the Truong Lang Corridor of the Forbidden City, Hue Imperial City, Hue Monuments Conservation Center in collaboration with Hue University of Arts organized the opening ceremony of an exhibition on arts and heritage, with the theme “Artistic inspiration from royal patterns”. The exhibition is part of a series of activities in response to the highlight week of Hue Festival 2024.

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 Cutting the ribbon to open the exhibition

Taking place from June 3 to 12, the exhibition showcases over 50 fine art works by artists, lecturers, and students, using a variety of materials such as oil, silk, lacquer, graphic art, and acrylic, etc. The fine art works focus on the theme of aesthetic inspiration from royal patterns and motifs. With their richness and diversity in forms and materials, Hue royal patterns and motifs are recreated by the artists with many new and creative ideas. These fine art works are the result of a creation camp themed “Arts and Heritage”, which was organized by Hue Monuments Conservation Center and Hue University of Arts.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Hoang Viet Trung, Director of Hue Monuments Conservation Center, said that Hue cultural heritage is a diverse and rich complex with many different types, of which royal cultural heritage is the core, having the meaning of connection to make Hue culture shine brighter. Hue complex of monuments, Hue royal court music, and poetry and literature on Hue royal architecture, the imperial archives of the Nguyen Dynasty, the woodblocks of the Nguyen Dynasty, and recently, the bronze castings on the Nine Dynastic Urns in Hue Royal Palace are the 6 outstanding heritages that have been honored by the UNESCO.

 International visitors were delighted to take photos of the fine art works

The organizing committee hopes that the fine art works on display at the exhibition will become interactive images with visitors, so as to make the heritage site more vibrant; and at the same time, spread traditional values through the inspiration of artists. “Heritage preservation is not only about restorating and repairing, but also recreating the heritage so that the heritage has another life in the field of literature and arts, thereby, creating a stronger influence in the community,” said Mr. Trung.

This is the third edition of the “Arts and Heritage” creation camp. In addition to be the exhibition content, the fine art works have also been selected to be printed in the “Artistic inspiration from royal patterns” book by the organizing committee. Hopefully, through the language of painting, Hue cultural heritage in general and royal patterns in particular will continue to be promoted and shine.

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