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Bringing Hue's heritage to the world

TTH.VN - A recent signing ceremony between Hue Monuments Conservation Center (HMCC) and Global Book Corporation has opened a new chapter in promoting Hue's cultural heritage to international friends.

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 Getting featured on various international media channels will help promote the image of  Hue  cultural  heritage

 Enormous potential

According to the agreement, both parties will collaborate to promote Hue cultural heritage through international newspapers, television channels, with articles and short films based on Hue's unique features.

The collaboration between the HMCC and Global Book Corporation is not just a step forward in partnership but also a profound recognition of Hue's enormous potential - a treasure of diverse and rich cultural heritage. This agreement stems from the urgent need to conserve and promote local cultural heritage while expanding Hue's influence globally.

Hue, with its seven UNESCO-recognized heritages, stands as a vibrant testament to Vietnam's rich and diverse culture. From the Complex of Hue Monuments to Vietnamese Royal Court Music (Nha nhac), each heritage holds unique historical and cultural significance, serving as endless inspiration for both domestic and international tourists. The priceless heritage of Hue is not merely historical and architectural landmarks but also a splendid fusion of cultural elements from the royal court, folk traditions, urban life, to rural villages. Hue's culture stands distinct from any other region.

Mr. Nguyen Van Huong, CEO of Global Book Corporation, believes that Hue has cleverly utilized the values of its cultural heritage to serve tourists and investors. However, “not many international tourists are aware of Hue's heritage and its potential values.”

This collaboration offers not only an opportunity to promote Hue's heritage through international media channels but also a chance for Hue to assert its position as a top-tier cultural and historical destination. Global Book Corporation will act as an “extended arm,” facilitating Hue's access to the international market, enhancing its reputation, and attracting potential customers, partners, and investors.

“This is a great opportunity for us to contribute to promoting one of the richest cultural heritages in Vietnam. Bringing the image of Hue - the land known as the realm of heritage - to the world through media channels and international promotion,” affirmed the CEO of Global Book Corporation.

Expansive market

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, cultural and historical promotion not only honors intrinsic values but also bridges cultural gaps between nations.

Getting featured on various international media channels will help promote images and enhance the province's and country's brand recognition.

BBC News, one of the world's leading media channels, with over 100 years of history and impressive coverage reaching 450 million households in 200 countries and territories, serves as an example. Featuring on BBC News provides an opportunity to promote Hue's heritage, reaching a large potential tourist audience of individuals with high spending power who frequently travel. Similarly, the South China Morning Post and The Straits Times, with their vast readership in Asia, are ideal media channels to reach the target market, attracting tourists and business interest and opening up new opportunities for cooperation and investment…

Mr. Hoang Viet Trung, Director of HMCC, hopes that this collaboration will not only help the world understand Hue better but also contribute to local economic and social development. “Along with the signing of the memorandum, Thua Thien Hue Province, HMCC, and Global Book Corporation greatly need attention and support from local units, businesses, and even residents to work together to spread Hue cultural images so that the international communication campaign on heritage could be done effectively,” Mr. Trung stated.

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Story and photo: LIEN MINH


The Nguyen Dynasty with its historical and cultural heritages

"The Nguyen Dynasty in the first half of the nineteenth century (from 1802 to 1840) with its historical and cultural heritages" was the theme of the seminar jointly held on January 27 by the Thua Thien Hue Historical Science Association, the Council of the Vietnamese Nguyen Phuc Family, and the Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts in Hue.

The Nguyen Dynasty with its historical and cultural heritages
Hue Cultural Heritage Research and Development Association established

On the morning of November 27, the Advocacy Committee to establish Hue Cultural Heritage Research and Development Association held a congress to establish the Association in the term of 2020-2025. The representative of the provincial leaders, Mr. Phan Ngoc Tho, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Head of the Provincial National Assembly Delegation, and Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee attended the event.

Hue Cultural Heritage Research and Development Association established
Museums must be a cultural symbol

According to the policy of the province, the Le Loi route will be turned into a museum street. To attract visitors, the museums need investment to become a living space, a symbol of the culture of this land.

Museums must be a cultural symbol
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