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Closing ceremony of Tet Hue 2024 program

TTH.VN - On the morning of February 5th, the Organizing Committee of Tet Hue 2024 program held the closing ceremony and awarded prizes to units and localities.

Tet Hue program in 2024 to take place from February 1st - 5thHue comes alive with “Tet Hue” Festival 2024

 Leaders of Hue City presenting awards to units that achieved high results in competitions within the Tet Hue program.

With the theme “Connecting Love” throughout 7 seasons of Tet Hue, the Tet Hue program 2024 took place over 5 days (from February 1st to 5th) in heritage spaces of Hue: Ngo Mon Square, 23/8 Street, and Le Huan Street featuring more than 20 cultural activities, performances, experiences, night festivals, community performances, introducing local cuisine and specialties, offering “Spring of Love” presents, together with the participation from the Fatherland Front, political and social organizations in the city, 36 wards/communes, units, artists, and businesses have created impressive, attractive Tet spaces that captivated a large number of residents, domestic and foreign tourists to visit, enjoy, and go shopping during the traditional Tet holiday.

According to Mrs. Duong Thi Thu Thuy - Head of the Commission for Mass Mobilization, Head of the Organizing Committee of Tet Hue 2024 Program, throughout the 5 days of activities, 84 teams from 37 wards, communes, and the City Military Command participated in competitions such as making traditional Tet cakes, wrapping and cooking Chung cakes and Tet cakes, displaying five-fruit trays, traditional cake trays, Tet flower arrangements, and products from various competitions. The Organizing Committee received 193 pairs of Chung cakes, 193 Tet cakes, 122 kg of ginger and coconut jams, and 61 kg of Thuan cakes from the participating units, with the support of various agencies, units, the “For the Poor” Fund of the city, social mobilization funds of the Fatherland Front as well as political and social organizations.

During the program, the Organizing Committee distributed 2,400 “Spring of Love” gifts, with a total budget of over 1.2 billion VND, to poor households, near-poor households, families of party members, union members, and workers facing difficulties, as well as victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin in 36 wards/communes and 8 orphanages in the city. The goal is to ensure that everyone can enjoy a joyful, warm, loving, and happy Tet.

On this occasion, the Organizing Committee also awarded 52 prizes to units and individuals with outstanding achievements in competitions and beautiful booth displays. They also recognized 20 products as exemplary products and 16 products participating in the “Spring Offering” procession.

Some images from the 5-day event of the Tet Hue 2024 program:

Enthusiasm in the competition for making traditional cakes and jams. 
Voting for exemplary products. 
Exhibition of traditional handicraft products. 
Solemn procession during the Spring Offering ceremony. 
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