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Continuing the Truc Chi journey

TTH.VN - On the journey of development, Truc Chi always surprises the public with its creativity and application in life. With Truc Chi, creativity is always passed on and inherited by the young generation with their new energies.

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Works of applied arts

Colorful in creativity

"Without Words" is the latest exhibition of Truc Chi Art Vietnam, taking place from May 27 to June 6 at Lieu Quan Buddhist Culture Center, introducing viewers to new creations of Truc Chi art.

With works on Buddhist themes, meditation paintings, folk beliefs, flower paintings, and applied products created by artists of Vietnam Truc Chi art, the exhibition is a story about the journey of Truc Chi, with a new technique and perception. Not too sublime in terms of art, Truc Chi's work is close to life, bringing simple feelings of beauty.

Diverse from content, way of expression, and flexible techniques to vivid effects throughout the works; with "Without Words", spectators can feel art, culture, and beliefs merging, directing people to peace and freedom when viewing.

The work "Autumn comes" by artist Tran Quoc Duan, a work that applies new techniques without lights

"With the line of paintings of folk beliefs, the traditional culture of the Vietnamese people with the Buddhist religion, the beliefs of worshipping ancestors, the Kitchen Gods, or the God of fortune, etc., are shown through Truc Chi. They portray the beliefs that have been passed down from generation to generation," Ngo Dinh Bao Vi, the painter, project manager of Truc Chi Art Vietnam shared.

Choosing the exhibition theme as "Without Words" and inviting the public to ‘listen to the paintings singing’, the artists at Truc Chi Art Vietnam do not want to direct viewers into a specific story but would like viewers to enjoy and feel the creativity of the artists. Each work itself can express messages and ideas to spectators. The space is also displayed according to the concepts, such as which paintings are suitable to be hung in the reception space, the worship space or the relaxation corner...

In the exhibition "Without words", Truc Chi works are highly applicable. In addition to paintings, there are guarding screens; hand-held products, such as fans, umbrellas; lamps; souvenir products... This is also an opportunity to introduce Truc Chi's new technique with many works without lights and viewers can view the paintings from the front in direct light. Until now, people who love Truc Chi know that Truc Chi paintings are most beautiful when there are lights. If in the past, artists focused on backlighting, this exhibition marks a milestone to confirm the completeness of the new technique.

In addition to Truc Chi souvenir paintings and applied art products, visual arts works are also highly appreciated. The exhibition "Clear Faith" took place in Ho Chi Minh City at the beginning of this year and introduced to everyone the possibilities with Truc Chi's through works expressing reflections and contemplations about life, culture, beliefs, and the beauty of multicolored nature...

With Truc Chi's technique, the artist unleashes his creativity with a variety of themes and nuances of expression, bringing to viewers novelty and flexibility in terms of materials, methods of expression, and effects with light, especially the direction and spirit of our traditions.

Passing on to the next generation

Phan Hai Bang, the painter, founder of Truc Chi art, shared that the exhibition "Without words" is the result of young artists of Truc Chi Art Vietnam. They compose, develop ideas, and create techniques completely without the participation of "pioneers" such as the painters Phan Hai Bang or Bao Vi. This is one of the first steps marking the transfer of Truc Chi to the next generation of artists.

Wishing to create a social spreading effect, from the very beginning, the founders and operators of Truc Chi set three criteria: aesthetics, education, and society, so that Truc Chi art could come into social life and other people can use this type of art to be creative. Truc Chi is always looking for and training new people to carry on the value.

Bao Vi introduced: “This is also a way for us to create new energy for Truc Chi art. In each period or generation, there will be new ideas suitable for contemporary society. In order to pursue and stick with the art of Truc Chi, it is only necessary to be considerate and dedicated to the work."

There are currently 8 artists in Truc Chi Art Vietnam. These are painters who graduated from the College of Arts - Hue University. After many years of pursuing this art form, the good news is that their passion has not faded over time. When there are regional and national exhibitions, the artists are given the opportunity to spend time creating pieces to participate in or stimulate creativity and explore new techniques and patterns.

Having worked with Truc Chi for 8 years after graduating from the Faculty of Applied Fine Arts, College of Arts, the painter Nguyen Phuoc Nhat shared: “At first, I was just curious to learn the Truc Chi art form. The material was new, so I carried out a graduation project on it. Gradually, I was fascinated and worked with passion and excitement. Based on Trucchigraphy, artists can unleash their creativity with diverse locally available materials, such as banana fiber, bamboo, and straw... Truc Chi's advantage is the flexibility in expression, creating layers, colors, especially interacting with light; so, the work is always attractive".

Many people mistakenly think that Truc Chi is a craft. However, Truc Chi's strongest point is creativity and the artists only need to spend a short time learning the technique. The more they work, the more skilled they become; but the soul expressed in the paintings is from the artist's imagination and creativity. Each person has a different style, creating a variety of colors for Truc Chi art.

Story and photos: Minh Hien

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