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Cooperate to develop Hue Bookcase

TTH.VN - On the occasion of Vietnam's 2nd Book and Reading Culture Day, on the morning of April 22, the provincial People's Committee held a meeting with publishers and publishing companies to listen to feedbacks and suggestions for the development of the Hue Bookcase project.

A pilot program to bring Hue Bookcase into libraries of districts and schoolsHue Bookcase will be a unique institutional publication on culture“Forming and promoting Hue bookcase”Forming "Hue bookcase" to preserve the reading culture

 Permanent Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thanh Binh expressing his desire for publishers and companies to collaborate with the province to develop Hue Bookcase

The project to establish and develop Hue Bookcase was approved by the provincial People's Committee in 2020, with the goal and determination to preserve the value of books about Thua Thien Hue.

The goal of Hue Bookcase in preserving culture, promoting tradition, and improving reading culture for future generations, as well as reaching a wider audience within and outside the country, keeping up with the digital reading trend, requires cooperation and collaboration from publishers and publishing companies.

Representatives from publishing houses also discussed the directions and solutions for the development of the Hue Bookcase; sharing about public-private cooperation in publishing articles about Hue, as well as their experiences and models for developing bookcases in other localities, and ways to introduce and promote the cultural characteristics and people of Hue through this program.

 The Hue Bookcase Development Fund signed a memorandum of understanding with several publishers

Speaking at the conference, the Permanent Vice Chairman expressed his desire for publishers and businesses to collaborate with the province to promote, inform, introduce, and propagate valuable books about Hue, establish trends and deeper understanding of the potential, strengths, cultural layers, and unique characteristics of Hue's culture and people.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh also hoped that this conference would create motivation for joint ventures, linkages, socialization, and sponsorship of publishing, printing, and distributing widely precious books about Hue, as well as current popular genres of book to meet the needs and tastes of readers in the 4.0 era.

At the conference, the Hue Bookcase Development Fund also signed a memorandum of understanding with the Women's Publishing House, Thai Ha Publishing House, Thuan Hoa Publishing House, Youth Publishing House, and Omega Vietnam Joint Stock Company. Accordingly, the parties will cooperate in publishing and distributing “Hue Bookcase” literature and related publications of Thua Thien Hue province. They will also collaborate to organize seminars, professional activities in the fields of reading culture and publishing that are suitable for the functions and tasks of both sides; and implement communication activities to introduce books, promote the image, culture, and people of Hue.

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Paying tribute to predecessors and developing

On August 20, 1983, Ca Hue Club (belonging to Hue Cultural House) officially came into being and was based in a small house at 47 Tran Hung Dao St. (presently Phu Xuan Bookstore.)

Paying tribute to predecessors and developing
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Vietnamese culture attracts visitors at “Taste of Sambal” Fair
"Hue Ao Dai: Stories from the River"

The flowing ao dai inspired by the Huong River - the poetic and renowned river of Hue, and perhaps the most beautiful in Vietnam - have been elegantly showcased by models to the backdrop of music, sometimes serene, sometimes lively, taking the audience through a range of emotions.

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