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Exhibition and painting competition on gender equality for students

TTH.VN - Over 100 students from Huong Long primary school (Hue City) participated in a communication activity on gender equality in 2023, an activity held by Hue Fine Arts Museum on December 25 with various activities such as exhibition, propaganda on gender equality, and painting competition.

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 Students joining the painting competition with the theme “Loving Family”

Over 50 paintings drawn by children earlier, on the occasion of the Vietnamese Family Day (June 18) were displayed and introduced to students by Hue Fine Arts Museum. With the theme “Family – The Place of Love and Sharing”, the works revolved around the theme of family, the people they love, and the wish for happiness, etc., and provided students with a new point of view on the value of relationships with family members, and the simple joys of everyday life.

In addition to the exhibition, students and teachers also got the chance to listen to the reporters exchanging and sharing their ideas, as well as addressing the issues related to gender equality, domestic violence prevention and response, and building up happy families, etc. Furthermore, they also participated in a painting competition with the theme “Loving Family”, focusing on the topic of happiness, gratitude, gender equality, say No to domestic violence, etc. Some excellent works were awarded by the organizing committee.

Ms. Dinh Thi Hoai Trai, Director of Hue Fine Arts Museum informed that this activity created a wholesome and exciting playground for students, providing them opportunities to learn about the issues related to gender equality. At the same time, it also built up an opportunity for students to show their artistic talents and express their love and gratitude towards the ones they love in their families.

Through this activity, the event could help joining hands with the community and society to implement gender equality in family, building up happy families, and heading towards a better society.

By N. Minh
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“Friends” meet in Hue

Though belonging to different generations and living in different places, with their shared passion for painting, they meet in Hue for an exhibition. To them, Hue is land of memories of not only their work but also their friendship and love among themselves.

“Friends” meet in Hue
Reuniting "Friends"

A group of artists from many places have been in love with Hue so much that they have painted art works about the land known as "the beauty of Hue can be found nowhere else" as a keepsake of their memories of the Ancient Capital.

Reuniting Friends
Hue and Japanese students participate in cultural exchanges

The Vietnam - Japan cultural exchange program, with the participation of hundreds of students from Japan and Hue, was organized on the morning of March 28 at 16 Lam Hoang, Hue City by the Vietnam - Japan Friendship Association in Thua Thien Hue province.

Hue and Japanese students participate in cultural exchanges
Japanese businesses want to recruit workers in the economic sectors

On the afternoon of March 26th, Orient Human Design Inc Association, together with UT Aim Co., Ltd, Japan had a working session with University of Economics, Hue University on connecting and offering internship positions to students, as well as placing orders regarding human resource training for Japanese businesses in the near future.

Japanese businesses want to recruit workers in the economic sectors
Exhibition "Spring Colors" and sketch journey back to Phu Loc

With the theme "Spring Colors", the exhibition organized by the Hue Museum of Fine Arts just opened on the morning of March 21 at the Center for Culture, Information and Sports of Phu Loc district, attracting a large number of the public.

Exhibition Spring Colors and sketch journey back to Phu Loc
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