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Experiencing at the “red addresses”

TTH.VN - "We love history of the homeland" was the theme of a youth’s journey with heritages, which was co-organized on the morning of March 20 by Provincial Youth Activity Center and Provincial History Museum.

Thua Phu Prison remnant area to open to visitors by December 22Conservation beginning with street names

Visiting Thua Phu Prison remnant area

This is an activity in response to activities to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, and the 46th anniversary of Thua Thien Hue’s liberation day.

The journey was joined by 50 youth union members from Hue Discovery Club; they were mainly students from the universities in Hue. They visited and learned about Thua Phu Prison remnant area and the display areas of the Provincial History Museum; participated in movement games, and learned historical knowledge. The historical remnants, documents and artifacts help the students to better understand the traditions, the glorious history of the nation, as well as the heroic fighting spirit of the revolutionary soldiers.

Mr. Tran Xuan Tien, Deputy Director of the Provincial Youth Activity Center, said that the journey was an interesting experience for the youth union members. It was also an opportunity to learn and improve knowledge about the history of the “red addresses”. Since then, they would understand, love, actively preserve and promote the cultural heritage values ​​of the homeland.

Story and photoMinh Hien

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The essence of Chinese Opera comes to Hue Festival 2024

Participating in the International Art Festival Week Hue 2024, the Zhejiang Wu Opera Research Center of China will stage and perform some outstanding excerpts showcasing the charm and quintessence of Zhejiang Opera and traditional Chinese opera.

The essence of Chinese Opera comes to Hue Festival 2024
Tet of Overseas Vietnamese

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Journeys in Hue (JiH) is a group of young enthusiasts dedicated to promoting Hue through social media, viewing it “through the lens of Hue people”. In an interview with Thua Thien Hue Weekly, Le Duc Hoang, the group's representative, stated, “JiH always cherishes the desire to contribute its small part to the development of Hue tourism.”

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Hue youth and the passion for skateboards
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