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Exploring a book street for Hue

TTH.VN - A book street for Hue is something highly expected by many people. That street is not only a space for books, for book lovers, and the spread of reading culture, but also a cultural gathering space where community activities take place...

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There are many streets meeting the criteria for a book street in Hue

After the failure of the pilot of Hai Ba Trung Book Street, intellectuals, celebrities and book lovers in the Ancient Capital are looking forward to a true book street meeting their cultural and spiritual demand.

Many appropriate streets

The questions asked by many people are about the location of the book street and the time it becomes true. Whereas it seems to be difficult to find out the answers, Hue City's government has recently decided to ask experienced and reputable experts, who are working in the publishing industry, to survey and advise on the ways to choose and roll out a book street for Hue.

There are many beautiful streets located right in the city center, which basically meet the criteria for a book street. However, a careful assessment is needed to convert the street’s function.

Experts with experience in organizing book streets, who have made survey and field trip to explore a book street for Hue, said that on top of books, the book street had to harmonize the overall planning of the landscape, with sufficient green space, and capable of conveying the function of a book street, as well as having the accompanying space for activities.

After surveying a number of streets, Mr. Le Hoang, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Publishing Association, Director of Nguyen Van Binh Book Street (Ho Chi Minh City), and some experts are quite interested in two streets, including Ba Huyen Thanh Quan Street (the section extending from Truong Dinh Street to the bank of the Huong River), and the area of ​​the route along the side of the Provincial Ho Chi Minh Museum.

Mr. Hoang explained that they were located right in the city center, on the route connecting many cultural spaces, museums, and galleries, attracting a lot of people, including many visitors.

“They basically meet the criteria of convenience to set up book stalls, and organize reading cultural activities. However, more time is needed for more thorough researches,” said Mr. Hoang.

The locals chose, bought and read books at a book fair held in April 2022

Mr. Hoang said as citing the Nguyen Van Binh Book Street (Ho Chi Minh City) that the success with the revenue of tens of billions Dong per year then had required a long process, with careful research and preparation. Currently, the book street has brought together dozens of leading Vietnamese publishers, serving the readers’ demand.

Besides, this is also a place where exchange activities between authors and readers are organized frequently, attracting many students to experience, and creating the interactions outside of school thanks to the book-related activities.

“More importantly, this is a cultural space, where important events of the city often take place. In addition, the book street also connects many units to exchange and organize activities. Thereby, it has become a cultural institution,” shared Mr. Hoang.

Create all favorable conditions for the establishment

Via the story of Nguyen Van Binh Book Street, Mr. Hoang stated that Hue could establish a book street. “In order to set up and develop a book street, the government has to actively invite publishers to participate. In addition, it also requires a functional unit to operate the book street. This unit must have good understanding and capable of organizing book-related activities. In particular, the government should pay attention and create the highest conditions in terms of guidelines, legal framework, and facilities, etc.," said Mr. Hoang.

Therefore, when discussing the new book street for Hue, Secretary of the City Party Committee, Mr. Phan Thien Dinh said that the government would give priority and create all possible conditions for the establishment of the book street. Only then will the city spread the reading culture, invite many experts and speakers to exchange and talk, creating an impressive cultural space for Hue.

However, according to Mr. Dinh, the book street is a place not only to sell books, but also to create financial resources to maintain the book street’s activity and related activities.

“Unlike in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, where purchasing power is strong, doing business in Hue is not simple. This also raises an economic math problem. An important issue in the process of establishing a book street is also the participation and support from publishing enterprises and publishers," said Mr. Dinh.

Hue can become a "World Book Capital"

In a suggestion when mentioning about the establishment of a book street for Hue, Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung, Chairman and CEO of Thai Ha Book, remarked that it should not only stop at a book street, Hue should register to become a "World Book Capital".

Mr. Hung, who had attended many domestic, regional and international book fairs, wished the government to consider this suggestion; and said that he would give his support, connecting organizations relating to books and publishers in the world to realize that suggestion.

Story and photos: NHAT MINH

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