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Children’s reading space opened at the Provincial General Library

TTH.VN - The Provincial General Library has just launched a reading space for children on the first floor of the library.

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This open reading space includes separate corners for reading, playing, painting, and so on. All are equipped with age appropriate facilities and equipment, such as floor mats, book shelves and book cases.

Here, children can choose to read on-site or borrow books back home in more than 20,000 titles of children's books of various genres, from fairy tales to historical comics, fun science books, science fiction, moral education, and reference books. The library is open from Monday to Saturday.

By Minh Hien

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Tracing Han - Nom documents

The collection and digitization of Han-Nom (Sino-Demotic characters) documentary heritage has been carried out for many years in many clans, private residences, villages and communes throughout the province. This quiet work is still being pursued by staff of the Provincial General Library, in the hope of preserving the ancient documents passed down by our ancestors.

Tracing Han - Nom documents
Spring Newspaper Exhibition

A newspaper exhibition for Spring 2022, from January 25th to February 10th at the Provincial General Library, would be an activity to welcome the traditional Tet holiday and celebrate the 92nd founding anniversary of the Communist Party.

Spring Newspaper Exhibition
Preserving and promoting the value of Sino - Demotic Characters heritage

This was the topic of a scientific workshop, which was organized by the Provincial General Library on the afternoon of December 30. The workshop was aimed to comprehensively evaluate the conservation and promotion of the value of Han - Nom (Sino- Demotic characters) heritage, ​​collected and digitized in the past time.

Preserving and promoting the value of Sino - Demotic Characters heritage
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