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Festival “Hue - the Capital of Gastronomy” from Apr 30th to May 1st

TTH.VN - The festival “Hue – the capital of gastronomy” is being held from April 30th to May 1st, at Tu Tuong Park on Le Loi Street in Hue City.

Flying high with the kitesSpecial art program "Hue Timbre"

Illustrated photo. Photo: Trung Phan

The festival is a convergence of the culinary elite of Hue and many localities in the country, promising to offer the public a new perspective and interesting experiences not only about the local cuisine of Hue but also that of other regions across the country. Besides on-site promotion, demonstration, and enjoyment activities, visitors can also try some of the most remarkable dishes such as fermented pork rolls and ham in a royal peacock and phoenix shape; fried rice meatball; five-coloured sticky rice; lotus tea, lotus seed sweet soup; khoái pancakes; Hue meals; kumquat jam; pháp lam colorful cake; fruit-shaped cake; seafood noodles; spring rolls, and so on.

These dishes are cooked by famous culinary artists, such as: Artist Ton Nu Thi Ha; Phan Ton Gia Hien; Le Thi Thiet; Ly Thi Chien;...

In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy unique delicacies that seem to have been lost for a long time.

The festival "Hue - the Capital of Gastronomy" promises to create a distinctive culinary cultural space and become one of the highlights in the series of cultural activities and festivals in Hue to celebrate the national public holidays - April 30th and May 1st.

By Duc Quang

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Hue and Yellow Apricot

Each person and family reminisce about old times when apricot color shone in front of the Citadel. The Yellow Apricot - Hoang Mai flower is a symbol of spring, family reunion, harmony between heaven and earth, and the nation. It has surpassed its value as a flower to become a symbol of the Ancient Capital.

Hue and Yellow Apricot
Brilliant Dragon Spring Festival

Alongside the significant programs and activities that have been taking place in the city to create a joyful and bustling atmosphere to welcome the Lunar New Year of Dragon, Hue City focuses on embellishing the streets to celebrate Tet (Lunar New Year), with the highlight of the 2024 Spring Festival stretching from the south bank of the Perfume River to parks and green spots in the city.

Brilliant Dragon Spring Festival
Lively boat racing event to celebrate the New Year

The boat racing festival took place on the morning of December 31 on the Như Y River (at the community tourism site of Thanh Toan Tiled-roof Bridge). This is one of the highlights of the New Year 2024 celebrations and in response to the Four Seasons Festival organized by Thuy Thanh commune (Huong Thuy town).

Lively boat racing event to celebrate the New Year
The art programme “Hue’s vibe on winter days”

Within the framework of Hue Festival 2023, the Winter Festival "Winter in Hue" takes place from October to December with a number of new festival activities that brings more vibrance and attraction to the winter atmosphere of Hue for both local people and tourists.

The art programme “Hue’s vibe on winter days”
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