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Floating theater of "Echoes from the Perfume River"

TTH.VN - With the largest and most complex scale of the Hue Festival 2018 this year, the "Echoes from the Perfume River" stage is located below the water surface. At this point of time, the worker force is carrying out the final phase of the project to ensure the schedule.

The stage is also life

The "Echoes from the Perfume River" stage seen from the hexagon pavilion on Trinh Cong Son Street

As reported by Thua Thien Hue Online, this stage is set up in front of the hexagonal pavilion on Trinh Cong Son street, with a view of the Huong River. Over the past two weeks, laborers and technical instructors have been urgently working on many steps to build the large stage.

As commented by experts, this is a stage with beautiful views, located on the peaceful river, surrounded by Con Hen (Mussels Islet), Truong Tien bridge and a city at night with shimmering light in the distance.

According to workers who build this stage, the hardest thing is to drive bamboo poles into the riverbed. In addition to those over the water, bamboo poles are also set up under the water to ensure the firmness of the stage and safety for performing artists. Additionally, two barges are anchored on the two sides of the main stage to support it.

Basically, at this point of time, the stage has almost been finished. "We are speeding up to complete some remaining parts in the coming days. The next jobs have to do with the sound and lighting system," said a worker.

According to the Hue Festival 2018 Organization Board, "Echoes from the Perfume River" is an artistic program presenting a watercolor picture of the river, a portrait of a small fishing village. There, we can find a banyan tree, a village well, a communal house, and love for life of the people in Hue fishing villages.

They are the people of the river, cultivating love, getting married and giving birth to children. When grown up, the children follow their fathers to work on the river, and then begin another life cycle. The story of their life is like the flow of the river, embracing the city to protect, preserve and build it.

The "Echoes from the Perfume River" program is directed by Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh. It will be live broadcast on VTC1, VOVTV channels at 20:05 on Sunday, April 29.

The following images are taken by Thua Thien Hue Online. They show the construction of a large stage on the river for Hue Festival 2018:

In technical and aesthetic terms, the construction of the stage is carefully implemented and supervised all the time. The bamboo used for making the stage must be firm and strong.

Two large barges are mobilized to partially support the main stage

In addition to the stage above the water, there is a stage below the water surface, promising to create a highlight in the performance when they are collaborated with other technical parts.

Bamboos are trimmed carefully, ensuring aesthetics and safety.

There are many difficulties because the construction is implemented on the water. Nevertheless, it is important to ensure both fast progress and right technique.

Many workers have to work under the water to drive the bamboo poles into the riverbed

Up to this point of time, the stage has almost been finished.

The stage with a view of Truong Tien Bridge from afar

A panoramic perspective of the "Echoes from the Perfume River" stage after completion. Photo: CTCC

Story and photos: Phan Thanh



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