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Flamink Artfair - The Playground of Young Artists

TTH.VN - The exhibition “Flamink Artfair” opened its doors on the afternoon of July 22nd and will run until August 8th, 2023 at the “Flamink Art space.” The exhibition features 25 paintings, ceramics, and art installations by 13 young artists and 1 guest artist, Dang Mau Triet. The majority of the paintings are created using lacquer and acrylic materials."

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Artist Nam Thanh Trung, the initiator of the "Flamink Art space" located at 50 Nguyen Chi Dieu Street (Hue City), stated: "This is the third exhibition held at this exhibition space. The first exhibition by the group of young artists took place in the spring of this year. In the past summer, artist Dang Mau Triet also successfully organized the exhibition “Fading breeze” at “Flamink Art space.” And now, we have the exhibition named “Flamink Artfair” - the playground of young artists.

Visitors to “Flamink Artfair” can easily feel the warmth and familiarity when immersed in a room full of paintings depicting the love for the homeland and contemporary life ideas. As a guest artist of “Flamink Artfair,” Dang Mau Triet brought three artworks. The paintings “Sunset comes early” 1 and 2, and “Forest Flowers” were all inspired by his emotions from a trip to the Central Highlands in May. While maintaining the distinctive style of Dang Mau Triet, these artworks present fresher strokes and colors, expressing the vast and open space of the Central Highlands."

 The vibrant "Summer dance" by artist Tran Xuan Minh

Nature dominates with the summer season, filling the art gallery with vivid shades of red. Summer comes alive through Tran Xuan Minh's artwork “Summer Flowers”, portraying the portrait of a young girl with a flamboyant flower scarf on her head, lively, captivating, and brimming with youthful vitality. Also, by artist Tran Xuan Minh, the piece "Summer Dance" depicts a young girl engaged in a carefree summer dance, exuding boundless energy. “Falling Evening” by Vu Duy Tam presents an abstract space adorned with reddish-orange hues of the sunset shining on flamboyant flowers, blending with the white of the clouds and the brown of contemplation.

"Flowers in the Summer" by Thuy Nhien portrays fruits on a table, where the flowers bloom in shades of reddish hues reminiscent of the sun, and even the apples carry the red of a vibrant summer. "Still Life in the Summer" by Thuy Nhien captures a scene of a vase of flowers on a table with falling petals, radiating a sense of joy as it dedicates a blossoming moment to the summer season.

"Little Miu and the Apple" by Lam Nguyet Ha is a still life painting, yet far from static. It captures the adorable innocence of the kitten and the natural charm of the fruit on the table, alongside the flower vase. "Morning Tea" by the same artist is also a still life painting, evoking the familiar scene of a morning tea session. On the table, there is a flower vase, a basket of pastries, a few cups, and notably, a tea kettle on a small stove.

"Quynh and the Moon" by Nguyen Van Sy portrays a large, radiant, golden moon with Quynh flowers (Epiphyllum) in full bloom as the foreground. Both the flowers and the moon harmoniously coexist in the nighttime ambiance of Hue. "Harvest Season 2" by Nguyen Van Sy depicts a joyful little girl clapping her hands amidst a scene of abundant sweet fruits during the summer. "Playing on the beach" by Nguyen Van Tung illustrates a beautiful beach with lush trees, the sea, and the cloudy sky forming a distant horizon.

 The unique installation piece "Li" by artist Truong The Linh

The heritage of Hue also comes to life through "Golden Gate" by Nguyen Khac Tai, depicting a beautiful moss-covered gate, where the colors of time cover its surface, and behind the Plumeria tree trunks, a past sky emerges.

Alongside the colors of nature, the concepts of modern life are also conveyed by the artists through thought-provoking and philosophical strokes. "Touching the Reflection of Time" by Tran Xuan Minh portrays two human feet within the whirlpool of time, and a leaf also caught in the vortex. Both nature and humanity within the whirlpool of time are subject to change. Only by mastering oneself can one make the most of time. "Moonlight" by Vu Duy Tam, with its nocturnal blue, illuminates the nooks and crannies of life and the inner depths of the human soul, still shining with an overflowing love amidst the world.

"Tranquil" by Nguyen Anh Duong is a meditative lotus flower with hidden golden petals, and above it, a human face with closed eyes. It represents a closing of the eyes to seek a moment of serenity, an undisturbed realm of tranquility.  "On the old porch 2" by Nam Thanh Trung depicts a daisy against a backdrop of earthy brown. The use of paint technique with brown dots evokes the secrecy of days gone by. The petals of the flower seem to sway, like waves that never rest and will never rest. "Realm of Bliss" by Nguyen An showcases the realm of happiness derived from passion, captured in oil paint on canson paper.

Not only paintings, but the exhibition also introduces the audience to the art installation "Li" by artist Truong The Linh. The artist shares: "Li" is an inception presented by small glass bottles containing soil, conveying an evocative message. "What you see here is not an Artwork... or not yet a complete Artwork... that depends on you... "Li" has no meaning, but "Li" is not limited in meaning, you can also add or remove characters to understand it in your own way. "Li" is like a plausible element."

In addition, the exhibition also includes ceramic artworks "Drunk" by Trinh Vu Hieu, and "Sprout chain" by Le Ngoc Thai, both leaving new impressions on the viewers.

It can be said that the "Flamink Artfair" exhibition has introduced to the public a generation of young artists, with many modern perspectives on the world, life, and profound experiences. The paintings and art installations truly open up many creative potentials for the young artists of Hue.

Story and photos: Khanh Chu
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