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Hue City invests more than 26 billion VND to restore communal houses

TTH.VN - According to the People's Committee of Hue City, the city will invest more than 26 billion VND in 2023 to restore and embellish four communal houses in the city area, in order to preserve and promote the values of historical and cultural relics.

Fish Worshipping Festival and kicking off Southern fishing season ceremonyThe Cay Mai ceramics

A council evaluating the components after Kim Long communal house was dismantled

The communal houses in the investment portfolio for restoration and embellishment include Duong Xuan Ha communal house (Thuy Xuan Ward), Kim Long communal house (Kim Long Ward), Xuan Hoa communal house (Huong Long Ward), and An Cuu communal house (An Cuu Ward). These communal houses are ranked as provincial-level historical relics. The main categories prioritized for the restoration are renovating, embellishing, and rebuilding the entire communal houses, pillars, guarding screens, and the temples of Thanh Hoang (Tutelary god), etc., in original state; applying anti-termite treatment in the entire area of the communal houses; paving the front yard of the communal houses, cleaning up, and restoring the gates, etc.

Currently, the entire Kim Long communal house has been dismantled; and assessed by the council to support monitoring and evaluating the current status of the components, as well as the solutions to dismantle and restore the monument during the construction of the project.

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“Checking-in” the Imperial Citadel with ancient costumes

Recently, the movement of ancient costume “revival” has strongly developed; in which, the ancient costumes originated from Hue such as the five-panel Ao dai, Ao Tac, and Nhat Binh dresses are the favorite of many people.

“Checking-in” the Imperial Citadel with ancient costumes
Hue City: Building up community’s resilience to natural disasters

On the morning of May 19, the Provincial Committee on Natural Disaster Prevention and Control and Search and Rescue coordinated with the Institute for Social and Environment Transition – International (ISET-International) – Plan International Office in Switzerland held a national workshop on the project of building up resilience to flood for the community in Thua Thien Hue province.

Hue City Building up community’s resilience to natural disasters
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