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Hue Festival 2022 to be postponed until late June

TTH.VN - On March 31, the Organizing Committee of Hue Festival 2022 announced that it would postpone Hue Festival Week 2022 until late June, from June 25 - 30, as it had been initially planned to take place from April 9-13.

Announcing Hue Festival 2022 and recreating the Calendar distribution ceremony of the Nguyen DynastyHue Nam Temple Festival to be held on April 2-3

Hue Festival 2022 will be held from June 25 - 30

Due to objective conditions, some changes have been made during the implementation process of the activities in Hue Festival 2022, the Organizing Committee has decided to change the time of some programs within the framework of the summer series of activities, including Hue Festival program with the theme "Cultural Heritage with Integration and Development".

The COVID-19 pandemic has been under control, and the approach to organize festivals from the pandemic factor has also been changed so as to suit the new situation. The decision to postpone this event is also a condition for the Organizing Committee to better prepare towards a new festival, which will be unique and attractive.

Hue Festival Week will still be a highlight gathering Hue's unique art troupes, as well as art troupes and groups, and independent singers with particularity and high artistic quality from cultural regions of Vietnam and worldwide.

With the motto of safe adaptation, flexibility, effective control of the COVID-19 pandemic, the events within the framework of Hue Festival 2022 will be organized in appropriate time. This is the great effort and determination of Thua Thien Hue Province, preparing opportunities for a 2022 with high hopes for cultural and tourism economic development during the current period.

By Duc Quang

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Countdown - Happy New Year 2023 to take place at intersection of Hung Vuong Street

According to the information from Hue City People's Committee, the art program ‘Countdown - Happy New Year 2023’, organized by Hue City People's Committee and implemented by Ultra Larita Co., Ltd., with the sponsorship of Carlsberg Vietnam Co., Ltd., will take place from 19:00 on December 31, 2022 to 00:20 on January 1, 2023 at the intersection of Hung Vuong Street, Hue city.

Countdown - Happy New Year 2023 to take place at intersection of Hung Vuong Street
Plans for Hue Festival 2023 to be published in October

According to Hue Festival Center, the permanent organizer of Hue Festival, the plan to organize Hue Festival 2023 is being discussed by agencies, departments and experts and is expected to be finalized and published this October.

Plans for Hue Festival 2023 to be published in October
The new face of Hue fine art

The exhibition named “The New Face” organized by Fine Art Association in collaboration with Union of Literature and Arts Associations and Hue College of Arts, Hue University on the occasion of Hue Festival 2022 introduced to the public artworks that showed the new life of Hue fine art.

The new face of Hue fine art
Being witty and life loving with the program "village having fun, village loving singing"

The program "Village having fun, village loving singing", which was performed by amateur actors and actresses from the two villages of Van The and Thanh Thuy Chanh (Thuy Thanh Commune, Huong Thuy Town), made the last day of the “Countryside Market in the Festival” responding to Hue Festival 2022 more impressive, with full of laughter.

Being witty and life loving with the program village having fun, village loving singing
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