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“Hue in me” photo contest organized with the theme “Winter in Hue”

TTH.VN - The Department of Tourism said that it has just launched the “Hue in me” photo contest with the theme “Winter in Hue”.

Dance of harmony of Hue Winter Festival 2022Art program "Winter in Hue" to be held at the Royal Citadel Night StreetWinter tourism services in Hue

Tourists visiting Hue in the rain

The contest aims to contribute to promoting Hue tourist destination in winter, thereby spreading beautiful images of products, services and tourism through the scenic spots, heritages and cultural values of Hue to friends all over the world.

The contest is open to all domestic and oversea Vietnamese citizens; foreigners working and living in Vietnam (no age limit). Photos for the contest should be sent to email

Each author submits a minimum of 5 photos and a maximum of 10 photos on the theme “Winter in Hue”. Entries do not have to be taken in 2022 but must be related to the contest theme.

Prizes are awarded to the works with the highest reach from the top, including: 1 First prize, 2 Second prizes and 3 Consolation prizes.


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Hue in the rain

"The road in Hue so long, and the shadows of people so far away..."

Hue in the rain
Coming to the Ancient Capital

Anyone who has been to Hue has felt that the weather in Hue is as erratic as a girl. However, the sound of rain still holds memories, bringing deep emotions to people's hearts.

Coming to the Ancient Capital
Hue Imperial Citadel in the rain

Those who have visited Hue without experiencing the Hue rain are considered to be missing out on the full Hue experience. Autumn in Hue not only has dreamy light golden sun rays but also has sudden torrential rains with a poetic translucent silver color.

Hue Imperial Citadel in the rain
Launching the photo contest “Plastic Heroes”

The project Hue - The Urban of Plastic Reduction in Vietnam Central Region, World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF-Vietnam) has just launched the photo contest called “Plastic Heroes” taking place from September 9 to 23, 2022 to all of the people, organizations, and enterprises nationwide.

Launching the photo contest “Plastic Heroes”
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