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Many Hue typical dishes included in the typical cuisine set of Central region

TTH.VN - On December 14, in Da Nang city, the Vietnam Culinary Culture Association (VCCA) held a ceremony to announce the typical culinary set of the Central region.

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Ms. Ton Nu Thi Ha  - a culinary artisan, introducing nem cong cha phuong dish to diners at a recent food festival

The Typical culinary set of the Central region is part of the project “The journey to find Vietnamese culinary cultural values” phase I in 2022, in order to search and honor the culinary culture of the regions across Vietnam. This project aims to improve people’s knowledge about the special cuisines of the regions; creating a driving force to promote the culinary economy in the direction of improving product quality.

Accordingly, more than 100 typical dishes nominated by 19 central regions are included in the list of culinary sets. Cuisine of the Central region includes the natural rusticity of the North Central cuisine; the rich sea flavor in the cuisine of the Central coastal provinces; or the blending of cultures of ethnic groups in the Central Highlands; especially, the culinary culture of Hue ancient capital area with its own unique features due to the influence of royal culture and the style of Hue people, such as: nem cong - cha phuong, bun bo Hue, banh beobanh nam, banh loc... and typical vegetarian dishes only available in Hue.

According to the Vietnam Culinary Culture Association, the dishes included in the culinary set ensure 4 criteria: history and origin of the cuisine suggested by scientists, artisans; or, the regions where the cuisine originated; the value chain of culinary dishes associated with criteria at each stage: from farming, harvesting, preliminary processing, processing, preservating, cooking, dining and serving, as well as the industrialization ability and the spread of the dish.

This is an opportunity to honor the typical culinary dishes of the Central region, contributing to completing the “Essence of Vietnamese cuisine” map, creating an impressive image with pure Vietnamese characteristics; serving as a basis for promoting Vietnamese culinary culture to the world.

By Duc Quang

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Developing tourism in the Central region through linkage

Linkage is an essential element of tourism development and promotion. To foster sustainable tourism, regions in Central Vietnam must engage in research to identify tourism trends and formulate timely, suitable policies for the development of new products. They must also cooperate closely to facilitate tourism growth.

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Hundred-year-old cookie molds

The bronze mold is tarnished; the wooden one has some scratches on it due to harsh climate. However, those marks of time do not change the function of the molds. They are still attached to life, helping women preserve and spread their love of making Hue traditional cookies.

Hundred-year-old cookie molds
The largest general trade and service shopping center in the Central region commenced

On the morning of February 11, the project of Aeon Mall Hue shopping center has commenced at the land lot marked with symbols TM-DV7, in Zone A - An Van Duong New Urban Area (An Dong Ward, Hue City). With a total investment of about USD 169.67 million, this is the largest Japanese investment project in the province to date.

The largest general trade and service shopping center in the Central region commenced
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