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“Niem hoa” smiles

TTH.VN - The exhibition “Niem Hoa” in Hue City brings art lovers original experiences about art and Buddhism.

"Than Kinh Nhi Thap Canh" through the Inherited Calligraphy of Taiwan (China)The art exhibition themed "To the heritage land"

 The exhibition attracts those who love art

Painting means practicing meditation

After Hanoi and Hoi An, the art exhibition “Niem Hoa” arrives in Hue. The name Niem Hoa is from the story Niem Hoa Vi Tieu about the birth of Zen in Buddhism.

As the tale goes, one day the Shakyamuni Buddha was giving a special lecture to his excellent disciples. He stepped on the platform. The hall was completely quiet. Everyone waited, but the Buddha said nothing. He pulled out from his pocket a lotus and held it up. The whole class was silent except Mahakassapa who smiled. That method was called teaching from mind to mind without words. It was when meditation came into being.

“Niem hoa vi tieu” or “Niem hoa thuan muc pha nhan vi tieu” for full means “Holding out the flower and someone smiles immediately.”

 Le Thiet Cuong’s painting is minimalist, but very evoking

That's the tale in Buddhism. As for the G39 artists, “Niem Hoa” is a series of paintings based on that tale. They understand Buddhism and want to share with one another about Buddhism through their paintings. Each artist has his/her own perspective and way of thinking, but they all gear towards Buddhism.

On their journey to find themselves, the artists detect the similarity between painting and practicing meditation. To them artists are those who are seeking themselves. Each of them is looking for his/her unique expression and ego. As said by Le Thiet Cuong, “Painting means practicing meditation.”

Watching the works of the G39, we can easily see each person has his/her painting style. Some painted lotuses with tranquility and calmness. Others depicted them in a simple and rough way. Besides, apricots, orchids, daisies, and other weird flowers and plants are portrayed differently. But they come together to form a diverse multicolored picture behind which is the silence of meditation.

“Mona Lisa smiled; Mahakassapa smiled. Though they both smiled at a flower, they meant differently. Seeing the G39’s orientation toward the Buddha, I did not hesitate to say yes to the exhibition of the 50 artistic works at Lan Vien Co Tich II on Bach Dang Street. I hope the exhibition conveys to the public the colors of Buddhism, especially when the exhibition takes place during the week of Vesak Day,'' confided Prof. Dr. Thai Kim Lan.

According to Mr. Phan Thanh Hai, Director of the Department of Culture and Sport, the exhibition contributes to diversifying the activities for the program of Hue_the City of Heritage, which will take place in the coming time.

Attracting those who love art

At the exhibition, it is not difficult to realize that many young people also pay attention to Buddhism, meditation and art. Pham Nguyen Sa, a student at the College of Arts, Hue University, is impressed with black-and-white flower paintings by Le Thiet Cuong.

“I like simplicity, so I’m fascinated by the painter’s minimalist style. He doesn’t portray a specific flower, but lets the viewer figure out any flower they want. That is the beauty which comes from inside of each person,” said Nguyen Sa.

Phan Thi Ngoc Anh, a student at the University of Sciences, Hue University, is interested in the lacquers by Phuong Binh with the theme of ‘people and flowers talking’. Lotuses with nudes mingle together to show their beauties.

“I see the open-mindedness and freedom in Phuong Binh’s evoking works. I’m impressed with his lotus petals, lotus flowers, or lotus bases which live in harmony with nature. Watching his paintings, it is as if I could smell the fragrance of lotuses and humans,” said Ngoc Anh.

The G39 group has succeeded in finding themselves and getting across their Buddhist messages. Their paintings bring smiles to those who love art.

Story and photos: Dang Trinh
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