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Performing Tuồng on the street for the first time

TTH.VN - Within the framework of Hue Festival 2022, on the morning of June 28, Hue Monuments Conservation Center organized a show to promote the tuồng with the theme "Echoes of Thousands of Ancient Years".

Hue features at “Countryside Market in the Festival”Ao dai performance on the Huong River

For the first time, the tuồng mask procession was organized by Hue Monuments Conservation Center, bringing an interesting experience to locals and visitors

After the anniversary ceremony of the stage ancestors at the relic Thanh Binh Worship Hall (281 Chi Lang, Hue city) to pay tribute to those who made contributions to Hue tuồng theater art, Hue Monuments Conservation Center organized the procession of tuồng masks from Thanh Binh Worship Hall to Nghinh Luong Dinh.

With the sound of trumpets and drums and flags, with the performances of the traditional classical bands, the procession marches through the streets, creating a beautiful image. Through the costumes of the royal art, the tuồng actors and actresses wore different masks, creating a lively and colorful street festival, displaying the unique features of the art of tuồng.

At Nghinh Luong Dinh pavilion, actors and artists from Hue Royal Traditional Art Theater performed tuồng excerpts: "Ác thiện ẩn hình", " Mộc Quế Anh dâng cây Giáng hương long", Tuồng đồ drum performance and bông dance performances.  

At the end of the program, the procession continued to march into Duyet Thi Duong to perform the ritual of offering flowers to the ancestors, expressing admiration and respect for the ancients.

This is the first time that tuồng art has been introduced to the public through the form of street performance. According to Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Hai Trung, Deputy Director of Hue Monuments Conservation Center, in addition to creating a dignified atmosphere of gratitude to and admiration for theatrical art ancestor, the program created a joyful street festival, attracting locals and visitors. At the same time, it introduced and honored the heritage of ancient tuồng.

Some photos from the program "Hue Tuồng - Echoes of Thousands of Ancient Years" captured by Thua Thien Hue Online:

The anniversary ceremony of the stage ancestors at Thanh Binh Worship Hall

Tuồng mask procession creating a colorful street festival in Hue Festival Week 2022

Actors and artists taking on the roles in classic tuồng plays

The program is an opportunity to show off the unique features of tuồng art through masks

There are hundreds of different masks representing different characters

Tuồng đồ drum performance 

Performance of an excerpt from the play "Ác thiện ẩn hình"

Bông dance, a basic dance in the art of tuồng

After the performance, the procession returns to Duyet Thi Duong

By Minh Hien

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