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Photo exhibition “Coi mai vang Tinh Tam”

TTH.VN - “Coi mai vang Tinh Tam” (roughly translated as “Tranquillity from the Root of Yellow Apricot”) is the title of an exhibition by Le Van Loi, a Buddhism retired scholar, displayed at the Intercultural Meeting Point (Bach Dang Street, Hue City) from March 28th to April 3rd.

Hue-born photographer opens photo exhibition themed "The ao dai which I love"A photo exhibition themed "Spring Paths" opensPhoto exhibition of the images of Ao dai featured on postage stamps

 The exhibition showcasing beautiful images of the landscapes and people of Thua Thien Hue.

The exhibition features photographs by Buddhism retired scholar Le Van Loi (1936 - 2023), capturing the beautiful memories of a bygone era. These include images of Linh Mu Pagoda, Tu Hieu Pagoda, and Bo De Junior High School; the photographs depicting educational activities and social work in rural villages of Thua Thien Hue; the photographs reflecting the daily life of Hue residents; those of rural landscapes, Hue people wearing traditional ao dai, lotus flowers, and portraits of women…

Ms. Le Luu Dieu Duc, daughter of the retired scholar Le Van Loi, shares that her father devoted much effort to Buddhist affairs, education, social work, enjoying nature and art, especially photography. He had the opportunity to interact with and capture images of many individuals, life scenes, and events. Many meaningful moments were created through the convergence of light, space, time, and all things he encountered. Whether these captured moments were accidental or intentional, natural or slightly arranged, perhaps they all expressed some thoughts and reflected his views on life and aesthetics.

The retired scholar Le Van Loi graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the first cohort of the University of Hue; and, he taught at various schools: Bo De Huu Ngan, Bo De Thanh Noi, Ham Nghi, Gia Hoi, Hue Pedagogical College, and Thua Thien Hue Buddhist Intermediate School. He was also involved in charitable work, teaching homeless children, organizing social activities, and disaster relief with Buddhist organizations and students.

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Hue-born photographer opens photo exhibition themed "The ao dai which I love"

Many images of Ao dai Hue and Hue ancient capital’s relics are being displayed by Kao Kuong, a Hue-born photographer (whose real name is Nguyen Cao Cuong) in a photo exhibition themed "The Ao dai which I love". The exhibition opened on March 2 at 87 Tran Quoc Thao Street, Ho Chi Minh City.

Hue-born photographer opens photo exhibition themed The ao dai which I love
Hue in my heart

The exhibition resulted from Hue International Photography Festival 2023. The event was jointly organized by the two parties in mid-September 2023, attracting the participation of 116 photographers in the region.

Hue in my heart
Promoting tourism in Hue through photography and video contests

Many localities in the province are actively organizing photo contests and making video clips to promote Hue’s tourism and introduce its beautiful images of Hue culture, civilized lifestyle, environmental landscapes, and friendly Hue people who warmly welcome visitors and friends from both domestic and international destinations.

Promoting tourism in Hue through photography and video contests
“Niem hoa” smiles

The exhibition “Niem Hoa” in Hue City brings art lovers original experiences about art and Buddhism.

“Niem hoa” smiles
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