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Poetry night honoring the Huong River

TTH.VN - On the evening of May 2 (on January 15 of the Lunar Calendar), the Union of Literature and Arts Associations organized a poetry night with the theme "Huong Giang – The Heritage River". This is an activity within the framework of Hue Poetry Festival 2023.

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Performance of the poem "Dat nuoc"

The Huong River has long been considered one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. The Huong River has inspired a huge volume of poems by generations of poets with hundreds of authors and billions of poems composed about the river. To honor the Huong River, the Union of Literary and Art Associations organized a poetry night to introduce beautiful poems written about the river.

During the program, poetry lovers can listen to poetic and musical works of poets and musicians: Nguyen Du, Cao Ba Quat, Han Mac Tu, Nam Tran, Thanh Tinh, To Huu, Tran Hoan, Van Cao, Nguyen Khoa Diem, Pham Tan Hau, Phuong Xich Lo, Minh Ky, Nguyen Trong Tao, Thu Bon, Nguyen Quang Ha, Nguyen Khac Thach...

The poems: "Hieu qua Huong Giang" (Cao Ba Quat), "Thu Chi" (Nguyen Du), "Chieu  Huong Giang" (Nguyen Khoa Diem), Muon Ben (Thanh Tinh)... introduced the glittering and magical beauty of the river. The poems brought listeners a lot of emotions to understand the poetic images, thoughts, and wisdom conveyed by the poets.

The program also introduced two poetry performances "Kinh cau xuan" (a poem by Le Vu Truong Giang) and "Dat nuoc" (a poem by Nguyen Khoa Diem), staged by the poet Le Vu Truong Giang.

Hue Poetry Festival is a poetic program of Hue poets in Hue Festivals, from 2004 to the present. This year, Hue Poetry Festival is the main program of the spring festival in response to the four-season Hue Festival.

By Trang Hien

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