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Spring Festival 2023 opened

TTH.VN - On the afternoon of January 15, at Ly Tu Trong Park, Hue City People's Committee held an opening ceremony of the Spring Festival 2023.

"Checking-in" spring flowers on the days leading up to Tet“Tet holiday in Hue” program in 2023 to take place from January 14 to 17

Cultural program opening Spring Festival 2023

With the theme of Spring Aspirations, the  Spring Festival 2023 takes place from January 15 to 26 (December 24 of lunar calendar to January 5 of Quy Mao Tet holiday) at the southern bank of the Huong River.

In addition to selectively using the old models of the previous Spring Festivals, this year, Hue Greenery Park Center has added new ones, increasing the area of new flowers in the park (east of Da Vien Islet, Kim Long Park, 3/2 Park), diversifying types of flowers to create the richness and attractiveness for the Spring Festival. 

Visitors check-in at the space of the Spring Festival

To prepare for this activity, Hue city hired Vietnam August Star Joint Stock Company (AGS), a consultant, to design the entire exhibition space in a large and creative way, leaders of Hue city said at the opening ceremony.

In particular, 348 thousand flowers of all kinds are decorated on the parks and green spots, 160 flower baskets are on the main roads of the city and a “Flower Park” are arranged on a large space, stretching along the Huong River, concentrating in many spots, such as the park space along Le Loi Street, Quoc Hoc Hue Stele, Da Vien Islet with colorful flowerbeds and with winding paths going through...

Calligraphy Space

Within the framework of the Spring Festival, residents and visitors can also immerse themselves in a space with all kinds of flowers, artistic stones, rockeries, calligraphy carved on wood, and unique bending trees by artists. The Festival attracts 8 Ornamental Creatures Association in the city and 65 artisans to participate in the exhibitions and competitions.



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Flowers on Tet holiday

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