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Telling stories of heritage on Ao dai

TTH.VN - The antique architectural constructions, the bridges which are inherent with the history of the Capital, as well as the traditional royal dances, or just simply the dragon boats, paper flower lanterns, etc., were described innocently but gracefully and meticulously and prettily on Ao dai by the children.

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Ao dai designs with patterns of cultural heritage created by students 

Looking at the designs, many adults could not help being astonished by the creativity, as well as the extremely deep and unique perspectives of the junior artists participating in the drawing contest with the theme “Ao dai and Heritage” launched by the Provincial General Library.

The designs of the students were displayed solemnly inside the library. There, viewers could bump into the familiar images of the Truong Tien Bridge, the Ngo Mon Gate, the dragon boats, and Thien Mu Pagoda, etc., which were styled by the children with fond and innocent colors matching with their ages.

Among many works, the designs of Dang Phuoc Thuc Anh (students of grade 6, Nguyen Tri Phuong Junior High school, Hue City) seem attractive to many people

The two symbols of Hue including Ngo Mon Gate and Ngu Phung Palace were drawn skillfully on Ao dai by this girl. If it was not exaggerated, when this designed were realized, the owners would feel like they can “hug Hue” on Ao dai.

A Luoi beauty on Ao dai

Recently, in the framework of the exhibition “A Luoi beauty through sketching” held by Hue Museum of Fine Arts, the designer Viet Bao organized an Ao dai show. On those Ao dai, this young designer used the sketching paintings about A Luoi such as the cultural stories, customs, and traditional architecture … as the background. Besides that, the Ao dai show also had the collection of modern fashion using A luoi Zeng brocade. Viewers assessed that these two collections have left a unique impression, not only renewing fashion but also helping A Luoi people promote their cultural beauty.

Thuc Anh said excitedly that her love for Hue came naturally. The sceneries she put on her designs were what she saw in her daily life, from books, photos to her practical and impressive feelings. “I want to send a message that Hue, our hometown, as well as its beauty are peerless. I hope that through this design, many people from near and far would know about Hue more and more,” honestly said Thuc Anh.

Like Thuc Anh, many other children also participated in this designing contest when they were in their school ages. Therefore, their points of views were always innocent and fresh with many cute and adorable works. They not only stopped at designing but also hoped that these designs would be chosen by the tailors to print on the real Ao dai to promote Hue.

Cao Hoang Ngoc Diep (a student in grade 3, Thuy Bieu Primary school, Hue City) with the work about the dance of Luc cung hoa dang shared that she brought all her experiences and her love for this heritage dance onto the design. Diep was impressed not only by the skillful dance but also by the beautiful costumes dressed by the dancers. Therefore, during the time of making the design, Diep tried her best to describe what she had seen in real life. Hence, in addition to the clear strokes of flower lanterns, viewers could also see the flexibility of the dancers on the model ao dai.

Mrs. Hoang Thi Kim Oanh, Director of the Provincial General Library shared that this was an interesting activity, creating opportunities for the children to develop their painting talents. From there, it could arouse their passion and creativity, as well as their ability in expressing ideas, talents, thoughts, and actions.

According to Mrs. Oanh, 15 out of dozens of most excellent works were selected by the organizing board to print on Ao dai and perform in many programs in the framework of Hue community Ao dai Week 2023. Not over yet, the works participating in the contest would be used to promote, display, and perform in the events and activities held by the Provincial General Library, as well as fund-raising activities to buy books for local bookshelves in remote areas.

Meanwhile, Mr. Phan Thanh Hai, Director of the Department of Culture and Sports expressed his surprise before the children’s ideas and their ways of expression. Mr. Hai said that from the pages of books that they have read about Hue cultural heritage, the children have been creative in putting the typical images of Hue cultural heritage on Hue Ao dai. “The contest not only is a playground for the children but it also honors the gentle and elegant beauty of Ao dai Vietnam, contributing to the promotion of Hue culture in association with tourism promotion, step by step deploying effectively the project “Hue –The Capital of Ao dai,” hoped Mr. Hai.

Story and photo: Nhat Minh


Sketches of Phu Loc captivate viewers

On the afternoon of June 6th , over 150 sketch works depicting the landscapes of Phu Loc were exhibited and introduced to the public at Diem Phung Thi Art Center (part of Hue Fine Arts Museum, 17 Le Loi, Hue City).

Sketches of Phu Loc captivate viewers
Documentary heritage on the Nine Dynastic Urns

The Nine Dynastic Urns were recognized as a National Treasure in 2012. On May 8, in the capital city of Mongolia, the “Bronze castings on the Nine Dynastic Urns at the Imperial Citadel of Hue” officially became a documentary heritage of UNESCO's Memory of the World Programme for the Asia - Pacific Region.

Documentary heritage on the Nine Dynastic Urns
Summer activities and the Month of action for children in 2024 launched

On the evening of May 31, Hue City's Youth Union coordinated with Hue Children's House to organize the opening ceremony of summer activities and the launching ceremony of the Month of action for children, as well as awarding prizes for a writing contest themed “Pens of the young ages”, and an English video clip contest themed “I am a tour guide” in 2024.

Summer activities and the Month of action for children in 2024 launched
Students draw about heritage on the occasion of 1st anniversary of Cecile Le Pham Art Museum

On the occasion of the 1st anniversary of its establishment, on the afternoon of May 30, Cecile Le Pham Art Museum (53 Ham Nghi Street, Hue City) organized a drawing competition for children, with the theme “The beauty of Hue ancient capital’s heritage through the eyes of childhood”. This activity is in response to International Children's Day on June 1.

Students draw about heritage on the occasion of 1st anniversary of Cecile Le Pham Art Museum
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