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Hue Ao dai, a memory of the golden era

TTH.VN - The memory of Ao dai in me is simply the image of my mother wearing an Ao dai, in a rush carrying a basket in one hand and hastily putting on a gray Ao dai with the other, getting ready to go to the market. And so, over time, the elegance of the Ao dai worn by Hue’s women, with its flowing silhouette, naturally became a part of me.

Stories of heritage are told on Ao dai by Hue studentsCommunity Ao dai Week to take place in early JulyAo Dai showcasing by the Perfume River“Awakening the heritage” of Ao daiApproval given to the project “Hue - The Capital of Ao dai”

 Ao dai - an emblem of Hue’s cultural heritage

In the 1970s, it was indisputable that women in Hue would leave their homes wearing the traditional Ao dai. It was not only young girls or female officials and teachers wearing Ao dai outside; but street vendors selling sweet soup, collectors of recyclables, or shoppers in the market, … also did it.  Ao dai became the everyday attire for Hue’s women whenever they went out.

 Women wearing Ao dai in the 1970s

The gray Ao dai for going to the pagoda, the dark-colored Ao dai for going to the market, the white flowing Ao dai and the deep blue Ao dai of the Dong Khanh and Thanh Noi schoolgirls... they have entered the realm of poetry and enchanted countless hearts. Hue Ao dai is not just a garment; it has become the essence of Hue, of Hue’s women, and represents the human values of this ancient capital. The flowing silhouette of the Ao dai has become an integral part of the lives of the people of Hue, akin to how people must eat and wear clothes as part of life.

 Students on the rural road

We admire the Martial Lord Nguyen Phuc Khoat, the person who gave birth to the Ao dai and made Hue proud to be its birthplace. The ups and downs of history are also the joys and sorrows of Ao dai. As a witness to history, Ao dai must flourish in modern life to tell everyone beautiful stories of a golden era.

Thank you to the generations of Dong Khanh and Thanh Noi schoolgirls who have adorned the charming Ao dai and made Hue flourish with its purple hue. As time passes, when looking back at our beautiful Hue with the graceful silhouette of Ao dai, we see elegance and uniqueness without ostentation.

 Tourists visiting Dong Ba Market

Ao dai is a symbol of Hue’s culture, as well as Vietnamese culture. Honoring the beauty of Ao dai Vietnam, particularly Hue Ao dai aims to revive the habit of wearing Ao dai in daily life, at work, and during important events throughout the year. Through the movement of wearing Ao dai, we contribute to making it a fashion trend among young people and those who love Ao dai.

Ao dai Festival is an occasion to honor the beauty of Hue’s women in their graceful Ao dai; it is an opportunity for us to introduce to visitors the everlasting value of Ao dai Vietnam, and to honor the designers, organizations, and individuals who contribute to the preservation and development of Ao dai Vietnam. It creates a cultural exchange environment between the public and designers, artists, etc. Through this, Ao dai becomes more closely connected and familiar to the people.

 The imprint of the Ao dai on the Ironwood bridge

A day when everyone wears Ao dai to spread the message of "Hue - The Capital of Ao dai" is a promise to our ancestors that we are still cherishing and preserving the cultural identity and human values that our forefathers have left behind so that future generations will always be proud of a golden era of the Hue Ao dai

Story: Phan Ngoc
Photos: Bao Minh
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Green memory

That memory, which exists on many roads and gardens of the people of Hue, has gained more motivation, become a consciousness, and spread sustainably since the government authorities showed their interest and took care of it.

Green memory
Launching a collection of Ao dai inspired by Trinh Cong Son’s music

Following the success of previous collections such as “Xua va nay” (Past and Present), “Nhat Nguyet” (Sun and Moon), “Em den tu nghin xua” (You Come from Ancient Times), “Vu khuc gam lua” (Silk Dance), and “Bong - Hinh” (Shadow - Image), on the evening of December 14th, Trinh Hoang Dieu - a fashion designer, will unveil a new collection of Ao dai entitled “Mau thoi gian” (Colors of Time) at the art event and fashion show “Dieu - Mau thoi gian” (Dieu - Colors of Time) in Ho Chi Minh City.

Launching a collection of Ao dai inspired by Trinh Cong Son’s music
"Imperial Archives of the Nguyen Dynasty - Memory of a Dynasty"

Heading towards Vietnam Cultural Heritage Day (November 23), the National Archives Center No.1 (under the State Records and Archives Department) and Hue Monuments Conservation Center will jointly open an exhibition space themed "Imperial Archives of the Nguyen Dynasty - Memory of a Dynasty" on November 17, at the Exhibition Building, the National Archives Center I, at 5 Vu Pham Ham Street, Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi.

Imperial Archives of the Nguyen Dynasty - Memory of a Dynasty
Exhibition of Traditional Ao Dai Space at An Dinh Palace

Dozens of traditional Ao Dai display booths, along with accompanying accessories and famous art products from Hue, were recently exhibited at An Dinh Palace (Phan Dinh Phung Street, Hue City) on the afternoon of August 1st.

Exhibition of Traditional Ao Dai Space at An Dinh Palace
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