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The beautiful soul hidden in paintings by female artists

TTH.VN - An exhibition reserved for female artists takes place in late October, the month in which there is the day that celebrates Vietnamese women. People go there not only to see paintings, but also to immerse themselves in a women world so that they can understand and love more deeply the stories which the female artists tell through their paintings.

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Works by female artists of the Ancient Capital on display at the exhibition “Hue Beauty and Scent”

On these days, many people go to Le Ba Dang Art Center (15 Le Loi St.,) where the representing office of Hue Museum of Fine Arts is located, to have a look at the paintings on display at an exhibition named “Hue Beauty and Scent.”

As a routine, every October, female artists in Hue including professional artists, members of the Fine Art Association, art teachers, freelance artists and art students gather and create a playground for themselves. 

What people can see from the paintings by female artists is not only the special softness and feminism, but also the strength and creativeness in their artworks as those of male colleagues.

“Charming 3” by Dang Thi Thu An

This year, the exhibition displays 45 works by 32 female artists, both professional and amateur, in diverse materials such as old paint, acrylic, lacquer, silk, synthetic materials, bamboo thread, graphics, etc. The paintings are arranged in a way that arouses the curiosity of those who drop by.

Each work with its material shows the artist’s own character. But there is one thing in common. They all show their feelings about love, life, family, nature, the country, and their desires. Here and there, there is also their “toss and turn” about life, the future, and art.

“Charming Lotuses” (lacquer) by Truong Thi Huong Xuan

At the exhibition, the viewer can see Hue girls in traditional ao dai painted by Dang Thi Thu An. Ao dai represents the beauty of Vietnamese women. Inspired by ao dai, Thu An leads the viewer into a painting world in colors both nostalgic and modernized.

All of her paintings show her outlook and orientation in bringing art and cultural values into costume with the a view to celebrating the beauty of women and preserving the Vietnamese tradition. 

Other lovely and innocent works by other female artists also partially depict the peaceful and gentle life which they are leading or expect. There are paintings about a quiet city of Hue with ancient atmosphere and architecture, which makes a difference for the Ancient Capital. There are paintings of peaceful and happy gardens houses. Some are simple and gentle still lives. 

In that way, those paintings draw the viewer's attention, not by the acuteness, but by the strength hidden inside.

As a male artist, Nguyen Thien Duc, Chairman of the Provincial Fine Arts Association, compliments the female artists whose paintings are on display at the exhibition. According to Duc, it is obvious that half of this world are women who help create this world. They are also the inspiration for art forms and a symbol of beauty. 

Women are also mothers, wives, sisters who take pain silently to look after their families as a way to preserve family values for the society and the country. They always care about others. They are tolerant and always try to rise up in life. All those characteristics show the women’s beautiful soul. Through their paintings we can see not only their beautiful soul, but also their passion for creation. 

According to Duc, female painters are admirable because it is not easy at all to be at the same time mothers and wives and spend time and energy for art creation while art is always a hard journey.

Story and photos: Nhat Minh

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