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The official poster of Hue Festival 2024 revealed

TTH.VN - The organizing committee of Hue Festival 2024 has recently unveiled the official poster for the upcoming festival, scheduled to take place in mid-June from the 7th to the 12th. The poster draws inspiration primarily from the restored royal patterns on the Kien Trung Palace in the Imperial Citadel, Hue city.

The series of Hue Festival 2024 activities to stretch throughout the year

The official poster of Hue Festival 2024. Photo by Hue Festival 2024 organizing committee 

The unveiling of the poster aims to convey essential information about Hue Festival 2024 to the public, facilitating more convenient and effective promotion of the festival.

The poster takes its main inspiration from the royal patterns restored on the Kien Trung Palace. Recreated from the lines and colors of royal-style patterns, the central element of the poster is the door panels, symbolizing the spirit of integration and exchange for development based on the cultural heritage of Hue Festival.

At the center of the poster is the phrase “Hue Festival” with the word “Hue” stylized from the art of ceramic enamel, along with the symbol of the Dragon - the zodiac sign of the year 2024 - a common symbol found in Hue's heritage, symbolizing the aspiration for harmony and development.

Continuing the tradition, the poster still uses images of apricot blossoms, lotuses, chrysanthemums, and pine trees, symbolizing the harmony of yin and yang of the four seasons - the cycle coinciding with the Hue Festival. These are patterns from the Thien Dinh Palace, the Khai Dinh Tomb, and the Kien Trung Palace.

With the theme “Cultural heritage with integration and development”, the highlight week of Hue Festival 2024 from June 7th to 12th will bring together art groups as well as artists from Hue, Vietnam, and international communities with numerous artistic programs and community festivals.

According to Mr. Hoang Viet Trung, Director of Hue Monuments Conservation Center, Hue Festival 2024 holds special significance in the context of Thua Thien Hue Province's efforts to achieve the goal of becoming a centrally-governed municipality based on the conservation and promotion of the values of the ancient capital heritage and the cultural identity of Hue, with its cultural, heritage, ecological, landscape, environmentally friendly, and smart characteristics.

This is also an opportunity to focus on the promotion of Hue's cultural heritage, creating strong dissemination within the community, with the core being the world heritage sites in the Ancient Capital. With the goal of preserving traditional values, the selection, research, and organization of the restoration of royal architectural heritage, along with the reenactment of various festivals associated with Hue's architectural heritage over the years, have had a significant positive impact on cultural and tourism development in the region.

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