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The program "Hue people & Ao Dai" introduced via online form

TTH.VN - The program "Hue people and Ao Dai", a community activity within the framework of the 22nd Vietnam Film Festival, had to cancel the shows at Quoc Hoc Memorial Stele, the Half-Moon Bridge, and Truong Tien Bridge, and turn into online performance and broadcasting, due to the complicated development of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Posters of Vietnamese films on Ao daiHonoring the Ao Dai at the 22nd Vietnam Film Festival

Hue women performing the Ao dai show at Huyen Tran Cultural Center. Photo: Tran Nhat Binh

The shows have been converted into recorded videos and broadcasted on the online platform, via the fanpage of “Visit Hue” of the Provincial Department of Tourism, and Thua Thien Hue Radio and Television Station (TRT online).

At Huyen Tran Cultural Center, the show has been directed and organized by the designer Viet Bao, under the theme of "The convergence of Ao Dai from three regions". It has introduced to the public 36 models of Ao Dai in the collections of various designers, including Nguyen Phong, Huynh Le Bao Ngoc, Viet Bao QB, and Hoa Nghiem, etc.

In the space of Huyen Tran Temple, professional and amateur models have shown the beauty of the Ao Dai through times, as well as the designs inspired by Hue heritage through the art of masonry...

The program has not only introduced the beauty of Hue people and Ao Dai, but also promoted and honored the charming landscape at Huyen Tran Temple.

By Minh Hien

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Sketches of Phu Loc captivate viewers

On the afternoon of June 6th , over 150 sketch works depicting the landscapes of Phu Loc were exhibited and introduced to the public at Diem Phung Thi Art Center (part of Hue Fine Arts Museum, 17 Le Loi, Hue City).

Sketches of Phu Loc captivate viewers
Finding myself again in Ao dai

My childhood was marked with the image of my mother stroking her ao dai flat before going out (Ao dai is traditional costume for women (and men) in Vietnam.) At that time, cloth produced in the country was cheap; my mother had many ao dai of different colors tailored. She wore ao dai everywhere she went on every occasion.

Finding myself again in Ao dai
Hue Ao Dai, a distinct feature

Ao Dai has become a cultural symbol for Vietnamese women in general. For the women of Hue in particular, Ao Dai is a source of pride because Hue Ao Dai has been firmly established in the hearts of the people. For Ao Dai to flourish and be honored, the support and promotion by our sisters, by the members of the Women's Union throughout the province, are essential.

Hue Ao Dai, a distinct feature
Hue-born photographer opens photo exhibition themed "The ao dai which I love"

Many images of Ao dai Hue and Hue ancient capital’s relics are being displayed by Kao Kuong, a Hue-born photographer (whose real name is Nguyen Cao Cuong) in a photo exhibition themed "The Ao dai which I love". The exhibition opened on March 2 at 87 Tran Quoc Thao Street, Ho Chi Minh City.

Hue-born photographer opens photo exhibition themed The ao dai which I love
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