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There will be many interesting activities at night market “Thanh Toan tiled-roof bridge”

TTH.VN - Night market “Thanh Toan tiled-roof bridge” will continue to take place at the end of November, promising to bring many interesting and new activities.

Monthly night market to open at Thanh Toan Tiled Roof BridgeThe stories of a night market

Many agricultural products and specialties are sold at the night market

On the afternoon of November 19, Mr. Dang Van Hiep - Vice Chairman of Thuy Thanh Commune People's Committee said that the night market will take place from November 27 to 29, at the community tourist site of Thanh Toan tiled-roof bridge (Thuy Thanh commune - Huong Thuy town).

On a basic scale, like the previous ones, the night market will display, introduce, and sell typical local products in the market area, along the banks of the Thanh Thuy River, such as: Thuy Thanh fragrant rice, local free-range chickens, vegetables, tubers, fruits, pickles, field perchs, field frogs, eels, snails, duck eggs; souvenir products, and OCOP products…

In order to bring more sightseeing spaces as well as and diverse impressive experiences for people and visitors, the night market area will be decorated with lighting, lanterns and LED lights systems; supplementing agricultural products and specialties out of the locality. Community tourism activities at Van The Garden will also be organized, creating connections with activities at the night market.

During the days of the event, the market session will have many demonstration activities and experiences, such as: milling rice, pounding rice, grinding and sieving; making cakes, cooking banh canh (thick rice-flour noodle soup); making conical hats…

Going on foot bridge - a fun experience continuing to be held at the upcoming market

From the success of the previous sessions, this night market continues to organize fun folk games, such as: folk game bai choi, hitting the hanging clay pots (blindfolded), throwing rings into duck's necks, bamboo dancing, throwing balls while going on foot bridge, arm wrestling... combined with the first-organized “Countryside Festival Night” with an “open” style.

“Elevating the community connection, during the days of the event, besides shopping and experiencing…, people, visitors and organizers will join in folk games and art performances, singing to each other, bamboo dancing, setting campfire... The performances in “Countryside Festival Night” take place in a continuous form; anyone passing by can participate in,” said Mr. Hiep.

“After this market session, the locality will proceed to organize monthly night market to exploit the strengths of the relic, attract tourists, and promote the development of community tourism in Thuy Thanh commune as well as Huong Thuy town,” Mr. Hiep informed.

By Han Dang

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