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Truc Chi in Vietnamese houses

TTH.VN - How to make Truc Chi (Bamboo Thread) present in all Vietnamese houses has been the dream of Phan Hai Bang, Ngo Dinh Bao Vi and their partners in the very beginning. Their dream is materializing when Truc Chi can be found now in almost all provinces and big cities in Vietnam.

Honoring the art of Truc ChiContinuing the Truc Chi journey

Their most recent product on the occasion of Tet of the Cat (Lunar New Year’s Days) is the “Kitchen Gods Altar,” including the altar and the picture of Kitchen Gods made of Truc Chi.

 At Miss Grand International 2022, wearing the costume inspired by Truc Chi by fashion designer Tran Thanh Tam, Doan Thien An won the title of Best National Costume

Truc Chi and fashion

On the last days of 2022, there was an event that excited the fashion designing circle in our country. At Miss Grand International 2022, Doan Thien An representing Vietnam wearing the costume inspired by Truc Chi by fashion designer Tran Thanh Tam won the title of Best National Costume.

People were excited because the costume entered the top-four list of best costumes despite the fact that it was rather bulky and heavy. But most significantly, the costume was inspired by Truc Chi, the art form coming from Hue.

"I chose Truc Chi as my inspiration to design the national costume because that is the artistic quintessence of Hue and Vietnam created by Phan Hai Bang and his partners,” said fashion designer Tran Thanh Tam after the contest.

What does this accomplishment mean for applied Truc Chi? We asked Ngo Dinh Bao Vi, manager and operator of Vietnam Truc Chi Art Co., Ltd.

“First of all, I want to say congratulations to the designer. That is a good signal showing that young designers are returning to the national values and the Vietnamese spirit, which gives us positive energy. We are happy when our Truc Chi became the inspiration for creation. The pity is that due to loose association, there were still some drawbacks in concept as well as visual expression. We consider this a big lesson for us in standardizing the concept as well as ensuring a close connection with future partners, hence ensuring the accuracy of Truc Chi and other related factors,” said Ngo Dinh Bao Vi.

We recall many years ago, in a conversation with Ngo Dinh Bao Vi, she said they were thinking about making fashion and jewelry of Truc Chi. On the occasion of the beauty pageant, we asked her again about that. She smiled and said it was still on the way.

“Actually, there have been some samples, but they are still in their experimenting stages. We haven’t launched them yet for some reasons about copyright and originality, and our dissatisfaction with ideas and materials. We are working with other designers and hope that our finished products will be available in the near future,” said Vi.

 Truc Chi mandala

The dream is becoming true

At Hue Truc Chi House, Phan Hai Bang the founder specializes in creation, and Ngo Dinh Bao Vi in application. This is to divide the workload, and also to make sure each of them can do what he or she is best at. However, Ngo Dinh Bao Vi still regularly creates and Phan Hai Bang usually comments on applied Truc Chi products. Up to this point, the area that Ngo Dinh Bao Vi is best at is applied Truc Chi. She designs Truc Chi products, Truc Chi gifts and Truc Chi accessories such as hats, fans, umbrellas, wallets and purses, etc.

But the most prominent is the Truc Chi interior and exterior design line including many unique products about religion and folk beliefs, and decorative products for various spaces for tea drinking, meditation, reading, etc. Besides, there are guarding screens, partitions, curtains, tea tables, wine tables, lamps, etc., for specific spaces.

The interesting thing is that since Truc Chi is a special art commodity, it is made in a very special way. Instead of producing what they like or what customers need, they create trends for customers. Ngo Dinh Bao Vi dreams someday Truc Chi will be present in every house in Viet Nam and then at the most luxurious places in Vietnam as a Vietnamese value.

 “Fish and Lotus” guarding screen winning the consolation prize at the National Applied Art Competition 2022

According to Ngo Dinh Bao Vi, her dream is gradually becoming true when Truc Chi is now present not only in Hue but also in most major provinces and cities in Vietnam from ordinary living spaces to other formal spaces.

Recently, on the occasion of Tet of the Cat, “Vietnam Truc Chi Art" launched the “Kitchen Gods Altar” which included an altar and a picture of Kitchen Gods made of Truc Chi. That product is well designed and at a very reasonable price so that everyone can afford it.

“The presence of Truc Chi Art in many important places and events has been great encouragement for our efforts of creating a new cultural value. It is also our pride when we are recognized and contribute a new art for Vietnam and from Vietnam,” said Ngo Dinh Bao Vi.

According to Ngo Dinh Bao Vi, the presence of Truc Chi in each Vietnamese house is a big and long-term plan. It takes time to research and create. At the same time, they need companionship from organizations, unions, and those who love Truc Chi so that it can win the love and trust of every Vietnamese family, making the brand of “Vietnam Truc Chi Art” widely known in and out of the country. Besides, jurisdiction is needed to protect the prestige and quality of Truc Chi.

Story and photos: Hoang Van Minh
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Truc chi and the journey of spreading

In recent days, the Truc Chi exhibition in Hanoi has been warmly received by the capital's public. Many people were surprised and amazed by the expressiveness of an art form born in Hue.

Truc chi and the journey of spreading
“Tham” - The maturity of applied art and Truc Chi’s identity

“Tham” is an art exhibition held by Vietnam Truc Chi Art in collaboration with the Management Board of Hoan Kiem Lake and Ha Noi Old Town from November 19 to December 3 at the Cultural Art Center, No.22 Hang Buom Street (Hanoi). This is an activity in response to the Hanoi Creative Design Festival 2023.

“Tham” - The maturity of applied art and Truc Chi’s identity
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At the seminar "Hollowness and Open Space of the City" jointly organized by ASHUI, Tich Thien Vien and Thua Thien Hue Association of Architects, speakers and architects with diverse perspectives exchanged many interesting stories and experiences about gardens and open space inside houses and the “hollow and open” space within the city.

Hue is a harmony of houses and big gardens
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“Nang” is the name of an exhibition of Truc Chi at Danang Museum of Fine Arts on July 14th organized by Vietnam Truc Chi, Ltd. This exhibition is the beginning for a series of exhibitions marking the 10th year since Truc Chi came into being together with “Tham” in Hanoi and “Hop” in Ho Chi Minh City in the coming time. On this occasion, we had a talk with Mrs. Ngo Dinh Bao Vi, director, about the 10-year-long journey of Truc Chi.

Truc Chi - for a cultural value which is very Vietnamese
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