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“Tham” - The maturity of applied art and Truc Chi’s identity

TTH.VN - “Tham” is an art exhibition held by Vietnam Truc Chi Art in collaboration with the Management Board of Hoan Kiem Lake and Ha Noi Old Town from November 19 to December 3 at the Cultural Art Center, No.22 Hang Buom Street (Hanoi). This is an activity in response to the Hanoi Creative Design Festival 2023.

Truc Chi - for a cultural value which is very VietnameseTruc Chi art brings its works to the public in Da NangTruc Chi in Vietnamese housesTruc chi exhibition themed “Ngau Lien - Confluence” by two artists from Vietnam and FranceHonoring the art of Truc Chi

The displaying space of the exhibition. Photo: Truc Chi Garden 

The exhibition introduces to viewers 79 artworks, divided into 18 thematic topics, including the space of “Truc Chi’s journey” (Sharing the achievements reached in each stage of Truc Chi’s operation); the space of “The Arts of Truc Chi” (Displaying the artworks of 9 Truc Chi artists across different periods); the applied arts space (Presenting the arrangement of applied artworks using Truc Chi graphic skills, unique and distinctive applied artworks); and the space for Tea Meditation (Where art-loving people can stop, enjoy tea, contemplate paintings, and share their thoughts and questions about Truc Chi).

The “Tham” exhibition embodies the applied arts and Truc Chi’s identity through its creative capacities, expressions, and scope, as well as through the adaptation to contemporary life that Truc Chi has reached for the past 10 years. This is an opportunity for Truc Chi to introduce its talented artists, marking a milestone for the next 10-year journey of research and development, upgrading Truc Chi into a new cultural value of Vietnam.

 Viewer interacting with the work. Photo: Truc Chi Garden

The main activities of the event include the exhibition, seminar, and workshop, where art enthusiasts not only get the chance to enjoy Truc Chi artworks but also engage in the conversations and experience the values of this kind of arts through interactive activities with materials and techniques.

All Truc Chi artworks are meticulously hand-made, guided by the principles of “Aesthetics – Education – Society”. This new kind of art originated from traditional methods, and later evolved into Truc Chi graphic technique from the dominant idea: “Bestow upon paper an ability, liberating it from the role of a mere “background” to become a standalone and independent artwork”. Truc Chi was born to honor the values of gratitude and humanism in a creative way through a distinctly Vietnamese artistic language.

“Tham” is the second exhibition of Truc Chi in 2023, following the “Nang” exhibition held in Da Nang in June 2023. Each arrangement in this exhibition engages in a dialogue with heritage and cultural spaces. Therefore, it also provides a new opportunity to upgrade the values of arts, architecture, and heritage.

By Minh Hien
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