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Wooden sculptures - story-tellers of Co Tu culture

TTH.VN - Inanimate pieces of wood have become magnificent unique works of art thanks to the skills and talents of artisans and sculptors. They have shown the beauty of the culture and life of the ethnic people of Co Tu in the mountainous district of Nam Dong.

More than 140 sculptural artworks created on the theme of Co Tu ethnic communityOver 30 artists participate in Co Tu ethnic traditional sculpture creation camp

 Industrious artisans working on wooden sculptures about Co Tu culture and people

For the first time, a sculpture creative camp of the traditions of Co Tu ethnic group was held in Nam Dong district, attracting the participation of dozens of artisans and sculptors of various ages from Thua Thien Hue as well as other cities and provinces. In addition to locals, some are artisans from Quang Nam or professional sculptors from the University of Arts (Hue University).

In the unpleasant heat of the summer, artisans diligently worked on every detail of their works. Sculptor Phan Quang (from the University of Arts) was still full of emotions when he first attended the sculpture creative camp about the Co Tu ethnic group in Nam Dong mountainous district although he has participated in countless creative camps.

On chiseling and beating to shape the work by, the sculptor said that exploiting and creating an impressive work is not simple although the theme involves the people and lives of the Co Tu group. Therefore, he had to research carefully how to create works that would give viewers a fresh feeling, reflecting the beats of life of the Co Tu people.

“After over a week, our group has created dozens of works. Hopefully these works will help to introduce and promote the beauty of the land and the Co Tu people in particular, and Nam Dong district in general,” sculptor Phan Quang said.

A special feature of this creative camp is the participation of indigenous people. They created works about the land and people they have related to and real-life experiences they have gone through. Artist Tran Van Hinh (village 8, Thuong Long commune) is one of those people.

He said that he was very excited to be able to show off what he had been working on for a long time when he was invited to the creative camp. “I am a Co Tu person, and I am happy to be able to sculpt on my own the works about the cultural beauty of the people and the homeland where I was born and raised,” said artist Hinh honestly.

 The talented artisans and sculptors have created magnificent and unique works of art.

Mr. Hinh’s works were about familiar birds and animals in Co Tu life. The late-forty artisan wants to convey to viewers and tourists a better understanding of part of life and beauty of the Nam Dong mountainous area through the wooden sculptures. More happily, at this creative camp, Mr. Hinh and many people have the opportunity to interact and share skills and experiences in creating works of art to spread traditional cultural values.

In addition, sculptors have taken advantage of making many other sculptures on the theme of production and beliefs used for decorating Guol houses, long houses, tombs and in daily life. The completed works were lined up next to each other, creating an overall picture depicting part of the traditional cultural beauty of the Co Tu people in their lives since ancient times.

According to the organizers, there were some 150 works created although the creative camp took place within a short time. These works will contribute to raising community awareness of preserving cultural traditions. It also helps visitors have the most authentic experiences when they learn about the traditional cultural heritage values of the Co Tu people.

Authors will be guaranteed intellectual property rights in accordance with regulations, and Nam Dong District People’s Committee will protect the copyright for works by the sculptors. More specially, these works were donated by the sculptors to the district to be displayed at the sculpture garden of the Co Tu ethnic cultural village in the future.

“We hope that this sculpture garden will soon be formed so that these works will not only adorn a cultural space but also promote a land, and make it an attractive tourist destination,” sculptor Phan Quang said.

Story and photos: Nhat Minh
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