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3D fish painting

TTH.VN - Although not yet attended in any school, Nguyen Phuoc Son, a 22 years old barista (coffee barista) has created unique 3D fish painting works.

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Swimming in ceramic products and being so fragile, it seems that the fish would jump out if we just sneeze. However, the water surface is still and quiet, because what we are watching is 3D fish.

The founder of 3D fish painting is Mr. Riusuke Fukahori, a Japanese artist. Researching hard for 12 years, he created a unique type of painting based on the method of drawing layer by layer. In paintings, color layers and glue are cleverly interposed, thereby the images of fishes are lively depicted.

Fascinated by the beauty of these fishes, the barista guy shared: “I really want to see the beautiful fishes right on my desk. And I think many people agree with me. So, the idea of ​​bringing 3d fish to people flourishes.”

Thus, for many months, Nguyen Phuoc Son has struggled with glue, paint colors and pottery. After the shifts of hard working, the lights in Son's house corner often turn on until midnight.

Lively by "layer by layer" drawing style

The difficulty of drawing 3D fish is to arrange the drawing layers reasonably. Just a little deviation, the work must be discarded. Thus, whether being big or small, important or not, every part of the picture has its own value. People who paint 3D fish are always wary of this point. Just a bit of miscarriage, all effort is valueless.

To have a sharp fish painting, each layer of glue is only 3mm thick; if it is thinner or thicker, the visual fooling effect will be significantly reduced. Nguyen Phuoc Son uses Acrylic paint colors and Epoxy Resin glue of Japan. “You have to use a precision balance and to measure accurately. Normally, the ratio of colloids on solids is 2/1 or 3/1 depending on each type," Son meticulously shared.

To master in each line of drawing, Phuoc Son practices day by day. From the lower fins, the abdomen, the tail, the head and eyes, the scales and the upper fins of fish, he draws each part of the painting for many times. Each part is also the layer of a fish. After months of hard work, when he is confident in his skills, the boy was born in 1997 shows his competence on Japanese pottery.

Lively by "layer by layer" drawing style


Craft products always take a long time, but we believe that the record will belong to 3D fish drawing. Nguyen Phuoc Son must process 6 times on each fish.

Son said: “To have dry and standard glue, each layer needs 15 to 24 hours. Therefore, the simplest product takes a whole week to complete”. For complicated products, time is longer. "If the fishes are on different layers, it will take months to increase the depth of the painting,", the 22-year-old added.

Looking at the winding and full of vitality fish in the bowl, we joked that "raising" 3D fish does not require food. "Viewer only need to contemplate the fish. At this corner, the fish is tilted; turning a little bit, the fish will "swim" in the other direction, so the viewer never get bored," Phuoc Son smiled proudly and said. Being beautiful, unique and lasting with time, the price of each 3D fish product ranges from 200,000 VND to several million VND.

Phuoc Son is combining 3D fish and mini bonsai miniatures, creating extremely unique and strange products. On the bank is a canopy of ancient tree with a majestic appearance. In the lake is a fish flock enjoying the shadow of pine trees and cypress trees. It is a dreamlike scene like in a fairy tale, directing viewers to peace.

Son focuses much on the issue of clear glue. In small areas such as bowls, clear glue will melt itself. But in large areas, it needs a very high technique to handle. To pursue passion, Nguyen Phuoc Son is preparing to go to the south. There, the guy passionate in 3D fish will participate in training courses on paintings and learn how to master clear glue. Son's dream is to create truly valuable and eye-catching works.

 “I will create works on a large area like a table. Therefore, I have to equip myself with lots of necessary knowledge and skills”, said Phuoc Son.

Story and photos: MAI HUE

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