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400 athletes compete in the Second National Student Vovinam Tournament

TTH.VN - With 29 athletes participating in the tournament, the host team of Hue University targets between 3 to 5 gold medals at this student national Vovinam tournament of 2019.

National Students Vovinam Championships - Nestlé Milo Cup will take place in Hue

MOET representative presenting souvenir flags to athletes from Hue University

On the evening of November 9, the Second National Student Vovinam Tournament 2019 was officially kicked off at the gymnasium of the School of Physical Education, Hue University.

The tournament, organized by the Viet Nam University Sports Association (under the Ministry of Education and Training) in collaboration with Hue University and the Vietnam Vovinam Federation, is the convergence of 28 delegations with nearly 400 athletes representing universities and colleges across the country.

The athletes compete in 47 categories with 47 medal sets. Teams will battle with fights and techniques competitions where the knockout format is applied. In particular, 21 medal sets will be given to the winning fighters and 26 ones to the best performers.

According to a representative of Hue University athletes, although the tournament attracted many teams that reflect strong Vovinam practicing movements, the home team will still strive to win from 3 to 5 gold medals. Prior to the launch of the competition, the athletes had invested in very exhaustive practices.

Representatives of the organizing committee said that this is the second consecutive year the Vietnam Vovinam Federation accompanies this tournament and they will continue to be the sponsor in the following years. The event also receives financial support from Thai An Binh Dinh Co., Ltd, who pledges to back Vietnamese young intellectuals in their student sports activities.

By Huu Phuc


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