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An interesting story about the 3 new highest rank entrance examinees of Hue University of Education

TTH.VN - This year’s entrance enrollment of Hue University was spotlighted by 3 new highest rank entrance examinees with a score of 28.75 (without the priority points) at the University of Education. Although they come from 3 different localities, they are all passionate about pedagogy and the peaceful rhythm of Hue’s life.

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Leaders of Hue University of Education awarding the 3 new highest rank entrance examinees (from left to right: Nguyen Anh Tuan, Nguyen Binh An, Bui Thi Hoai Nhi)

Predestined with Hue

Meeting Nguyen Anh Tuan at the University of Education - Hue University in the first days of the school year 2022 - 2023, this new student made a strong impression when he spoke with a Da Nang’s accent, but was quickly adapted to the new environment. “I had quite a few options with a score of 28.75 (9.8 points for Math, 9.75 points for Chemistry, and 9.2 points for English), which is enough for an enrollment for the University of Medicine and Pharmacy. Yet, I wholeheartedly turned to Hue University of Education,” shared Tuan.

The above choice with Nguyen Anh Tuan is also full of grace. The highest rank entrance examinee of the University of Education said that he received many different profession orientations before registering his aspirations. With 12 years in a row getting excellent grades for the basic education and many excellent student awards at the city level, Anh Tuan has a good foundation for many options.

“My grandfather advised me to study the medicine, but in my family, my mother, aunt and uncle all work in the pedagogy sector. In particular, my mother is an alumnus of the University of Education - Hue University, majoring in math education. I love my mother's profession. Since the 3rd grade, I have studied advanced math and supplemented mathematical logic. With cherished passion, I finally decided to choose the Teachers' Training in Mathematics, which is taught in English,” recalled Tuan.

As Anh Tuan registered his application for admission at the University of Education - Hue University, many of his relatives and friends also wondered. Living in Da Nang, yet Hai Duong province is his hometown. Many people think that he can choose to study education in many other schools, even in Da Nang. Nguyen Anh Tuan’s reasons for his choice eventually surprised many people.

“In addition to my mother's orientation, I chose Hue University of Education because I like the rhythm of Hue's life. I visited Hue once, when I was in the middle school, and found Hue’s people gentle and delicate. I like the peace in Hue instead of the hustle and bustle of big cities. I learned that the ratio of doctorates to lecturers of the University of Education - Hue University is ranked in the upper top, compared to that of the national average, which makes me more confident about the university’s quality,” said Tuan.

Unlike Anh Tuan, Bui Thi Hoai Nhi (from Ha Tinh province) chose the Primary Education major. However, this highest rank entrance examinee of the University of Education - Hue University also had a relationship with Hue by chance as she decided to study here.

Hoai Nhi confided that her initial intention was to choose the tourism industry, but in the moment of choosing a career, many factors made her decide to choose Hue University of Education.

“My form teacher is also an alumnus of the University of Education - Hue University. Through the monitoring of my academic strength and personality, she oriented this career for me. What's more special is that with this choice, I want to continue writing my mother's dream. In the past, she loved being a teacher, but because of circumstances, that dream did not come true. As learning about the university and its lecturers, it seems that the original intention of studying tourism disappeared. In my mind, only Hue university of Education remained with a not too noisy living environment, beautiful scenery and delicious foods,” recalled Hoai Nhi.

Of the three new highest rank entrance examinees at the University of Education - Hue University, Nguyen Binh An is the only girl originally from Hue, an alumnus of Hue’s Quoc Hoc High School for the Gifted. Binh An compared, “If the two new highest rank entrance examinees come from other localities but who love the rhythm of Hue’s life, I have even more reasons to stay in Hue to study, one of which is the richness in culture and history.”

Nguyen Binh An has been passionate about history since she was a child. During her studies, Binh An was inspired by her teachers and aspired to become a history teacher. With an advantage of living in Hue, Binh An used to learn about the university’s lecturing staff and its training quality. Many of her “idol” teachers are also the university’s alumni; that has made her decisive with her decision.

“I tried my best to study History, so I got 10 points for the History in the High school graduation exam. At first, I also thought of the History major of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities - Hanoi National University, but after all, all considerations led me to Hue University of Education,” said An.

Strong impression about Hue

In spite of their new experience for the first semester, not only the female highest rank entrance examinee from Hue but also the two other valedictorians of the University of Education have strong impressions about the land where they have chosen to study.

Nguyen Anh Tuan told, “The recent big flood in the entire city caused a breakdown to my motorbike when I was going to school. In my worry for the incident, a local house-owner nearby eased me by allowing me to leave the motorbike at their house so that I could continue my journey with their assurance. When I came back the next day, I asked to pay for their kindness but they absolutely did not accept it, and gave me instead a very friendly smile. I was even more impressed with the affection of the people of Hue.”

Also with the same flood, Bui Thi Hoai Nhi's room on Pho Duc Chinh street was flooded. However, the female student from Ha Tinh was supported by the “neighbors” upstairs with accommodation and meals. “I have just arrived in Hue as a tenderfoot and have no relatives. Yet, they took care of me and helped me wholeheartedly like a family member. That eased my worries in the coming days away from home,” told Nhi.

As for Nguyen Binh An, Hue personality and people are similar to the poetic Perfume River, which has a calm surface with a tidal wave underneath, which is the people’s friendliness and openness, with a profound characteristic, containing many sentiments and benevolence. Because of that, many people from far away like to come to Hue, and I myself do not want to leave Hue for a study.

Story and photo: Huu Phuc

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