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Building Hue as a destination of happiness

TTH.VN - Hue is being assessed by the tourism community as a destination of happiness with fresh, ancient, and peaceful environment, etc.

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The walking path along the Huong River is the new highlight of Hue

We were amazed by the changes in Hue!

Tourism development is the goal of all localities. However, how to implement the plan of development is depending on the conditions of each locality.

Recently, Hue has received a lot of compliments from those working in the field of tourism nationwide. Hue is a place worth living and this is also the place where tourists can find out the real living values through the unique “material” based on environment, landscapes, and heritages.

According to tourism experts, the ultimate goal of all trips is to turn towards spiritual enjoyment. Although material enjoyment plays its own importance, every tourist wants to get new emotions, balancing their life and work after their trips.

After a long time, when coming back to Hue, Mr. Tran Tien Dien, Business Director of Vietnam VITOURS Tourism Joint Stock Company can’t help being surprised: “Hue is so different now! The walking path along the Huong River is gorgeous, people love cycling, students voluntarily keep trash out of the Huong River, etc. These images show that Hue is a destination that local people themselves love the environment, respect living space, and get the joint consciousness of preservation and development, etc. With the changes that Hue has achieved, I strongly believe that Hue will be the new place worth living".

Tourists sitting under the green tree canopies around the Imperial Citadel

As one of the few people “having deep understanding” about Hue tourism, Mr. Ho An Phong, Director of Quang Binh Tourism Department also said: “Hue has been innovative and creative from urban embellishment to smart cities. The “good reputation” spreads from Hue to Quang Tri and Quang Binh. In recent times, when coming to Hue, I feel a new “wind of change”, which is simple and worth living”

Hue will change further. The urban area will be embellished more and more, more green trees will be planted, Thuong Thanh, Ho Thanh moat, etc. will be given back its values. “On the foundation of heritage, the purer environment, the more trees, the more high-class, professional and subtle tourism services, etc., there are, the more luxurious Hue city is. And this is exactly what Hue needs to do better to attract tourists”, Dr. Dang Minh Tam, architect, Deputy Director of the Provincial Development Research Institute said about the plan of tourism development in Thuong Thanh, and Ho Thanh moat.

Taking about a city worth living, Mr. Tran Tan Dien said that Hue doesn’t need to follow any other model of development. Hue need not have modernity, high-rise buildings, and bustling lifestyle to be a city worth living. Hue just needs to be clean, green, and be a city of bicycles to attract tourists near and far.

From a worth living city to a place for finding happiness

Hue is gradually becoming a place worth living and heading towards a land of happiness. Hue is determining on doing the plan as Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Phan Ngoc Tho once said: “Hue has a desire to be an ancient, green, clean, and peaceful Hue, which is a happy land. This goal is in our reach and in that of every local people”.

Flowers bloom in all seasons in Hue

Although it’s never easy to become a destination that tourists can find out happiness depending on the feelings of each traveler, Hue has its own dream, which is being cultivated day by day, that is local people can have a comfortable life, with peaceful society and friendly local authorities. 

Mr. Tran Tien Dinh made his suggestion that Hue is on the right track by developing on the principle of environmental respectability. These steps seem like turning on the motivation for Hue to become a destination chosen by tourists soon.

“I have no idea about how tourists from other places assess Hue when they visit this land, as for many people in Quang Binh, they come to Hue for finding happiness from health. Medical tourism is the brand name of Hue that need develop”, said Mr. Tran An Phong

The Resolution No. 54 of the Politburo and the Government’s Action Plan on building and developing Thua Thien Hue to become a city under central government have oriented the development for Hue basing on the basis of preserving and promoting the values of ancient capital’s heritage and Hue cultural identities, with the characteristics of ecology, environmental-friendly, and smart landscapes.

Leaders of Tourism Department informed that in the coming time, the work of promoting the brand name of a green Hue, the bicycle city, a walking city, and a city of happiness, etc. will be further enhanced, going together with the affirmed culture and heritage.

In 2013, the slogan “Hue – a homeland of happiness” was suggested by a travel expert from Singapore. Over the years, this brand name has been overshadowed by different reasons. With the recent changes of Hue, now, it’s time for this brand name to be promoted widely in a confident way.

Story and photos: Quang Sang – Nguyen Phong

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